Wednesday, March 30, 2011

too long

its been too long!  i'm not even going to make excuses, i just haven't made the time to blog.  well, how about i just jump right into it with a quick craft?!

Make your own CURLY BOW!  i'm all about gift wrap.  the paper, the bags, the bows--all of it!  my sissy and i will be celebrating our 30th this saturday!  after finding the gifts, and the bags, i could not find some bows that were up to par.  what's up with that, hallmark?!  any hoo, here is my version...

you'll need:
curling ribbon
yes, that's it.
for the small bag, i cut 10 strands of ribbon approx. 12-18 inches long.  for the large bag i cut 10 strands approx. 24 inches long.
after you cut your 10 strands, cut one more.  if you have an extra set of hands, insert now:
tie them all up with that last piece of ribbon.
curl away, and tie onto your bags!  i just used a single do want your recipient to be able to open their gift!

much better.
here's a thought:  want to stick this to a package instead of a bag?  well then, staple your bow to a small piece of card stock, and slap on a piece of double sided tape!  ta daaaa!!
happy wrapping! :o)

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