Wednesday, July 29, 2009


ugh, i hate these sticky humid days! walking around on the slimey feeling floors...things stick to my feet--i thought the floors were clean! eww

other than feeling wet and tacky all day, not much is going on! finally finished the laundry...ugh, the dreaded laundry! SO need some elves for that...and for the litter boxes, and for the dishes, etc. etc... emily's pinewood derby is on friday. they are having a "race" theme for the day, and suggested black and white to wear. so i have some black capris and a white shirt for her, and i made her this...
since this pic i've trimmed off the frayed edges--i need to get some fray check...not too shabby for a first try though!! i think more fun curly bows will be in emily's future!!

i'm wiped. david didn't take his afternoon nap today. he was like the energizer bunny--! needless to say, his butt was in bed E.A.R.L.Y tonight!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

my feet hurt

its been a long day of cleaning, unpacking, repacking, scooting, and throwing away!
that was a long time coming! i'd post some pics, but my hubby is just too ashamed!! it was really bad--hazardous, even!

last night we went on our date! it was so nice to be out, look pretty, and not have to worry about getting home to the kids! we went to outback for dinner--damn that bloomin onion for the bad breath we both suffered from later on! it was yummy though. it was also a bummer that our frigging gift card didn't work!! that's the whole reason we chose to go there---it would have been practically free! i still have to see if there is a customer service number i can call. maybe i should have asked to speak with a manager, i guess i still need to work on speaking up for myself! hopefully i'll get it resolved. we didn't let it ruin our night though(we're not those people that make a huge fuss over nothing, its just not our style) we went to the mall to window shop and walk off dinner, that was fun...i love to people watch--and there was plenty to see last night! haha

so emily stayed with my parents, they spoil her rotten! dad came and picker her up after school, she played outside for a while and had dinner. today they took her to the park, out for lunch and to wally world! now, my mom is definitely not known for her photography in our family, but i was speechless at what she captured on the playground
i can't believe that this came out of my mother's camera!

david stayed at my aunt cindy's house. he always has a blast! my cousins wear him out!! he played with a light saber, messed up amy's trophies, got some new mets jammies and a tshirt...yes, he's spoiled rotten too! today he went for a swim in the little pool, and loved it!

needless to say, they were both extremely cranky when they got home!!! we expected that...they always are. we're so glad they had fun though, and that we got to be boyfriend and girlfriend for a bit. the garage kicked our a$$es, but it was worth it! GARAGE SALE HERE WE COME!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


needless to say, i am just done with this week. its been a good week, just a looong one! i did not "shred" today, but i am feeling guilty about it. not so guilty, though, that i'm about to go change into a sports bra and my sneakers! tomorrow is a new day! i can feel a difference in my body already. i think after i lose the weight i gained back, i'll be able to fit into the shorts my sissy gave least i have a bit of a goal now. the kids are having their sleepovers tomorrow night! woo hoo! its going to be nice to have a night off AND be able to get the garage cleaned! emily's stuff is already packed and @ grandma's house! david is half packed...not too excited am i?! i love them to pieces, but my hubby and i need to feel like boyfriend and girlfriend for a night instead of just mom and dad. its very difficult to find the balance, and sometimes its just easier to be mom and dad! we're working on it. our communication has gotten better over the last few months-that wasn't helping anything! once we get david out of our room, i think we'll finally get some of that intimacy back. i'm trying to not make excuses anymore, we need to take time out for our relationship. we've been putting it off because they have to share a room, and we don't want emily to feel put out. they are both going to adjust just fine though...until we win the lottery, they'll be sharing a room!

****off subject a tad...i just heard emily crying and thought maybe she had pooped(she's almost always constipated because of her motor delays), so i went up and checked--no poop, i just rubbed her back and she went right back to sleep. it was a wonderful feeling. i felt so warm inside as she just drifted off back to her dreams. which i imagine would be her running threw a field of butterflies yelling "watch me mommy!" one day that moment will come. i have never lost hope of that. she's so close to walking, i can't stand it! if she's walking my marie's wedding next year, i'll be a mess watching her come down the isle! ugh...bust out the tissues!****

anyhoo, i'm going to drag my tired a$$ off to the couch for a little channel surfing. can't wait for tomorrow! the kids will be off having fun...and so will mommy and daddy! its a win win situation!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


ok, so i just started jillian michaels' 30 day shred dvd...its no joke people!! i had been rotating a few "firm" dvds for a while, then slacked for about a month...gained my 10 lbs yadda yadda! so i wanted something to kick my a$$! well, this is it! for only being 20 minutes long(which for the mother of a hurricane is FABULOUS when he's taking a nap)its a serious workout! this is only my second workout, and i already feel like i can do more than yesterday. i'm going to try level one for 10 days, level 2 for 10 and level three for 10, then mix up her routines with the firm. i am so sore, but in a good way--that's how i know its working!! haha i'm dreaming of getting into some size 8 jeans!! if i had the extra $$ i'd buy a pair for motivation!! i'll watch for some to go on sale!! as much as a dread taking the time to actually push play on the dvd player, i really do feel great after i'm finished! i was going to be brave and post some before pics...but i just can't bring myself to photograph the mess that hides under my sweats! we'll see about some afters next month!!

i have a few projects that i'd like to work on, but i need some ink for my printer and fabric...well, and a few other things...and lets get real, those things don't fall from the sky. so i'll be patient and work on them as i can. i've be on an organizing kick, so i've been cleaning out alot of stuff...can't wait for the big garage haul on saturday! i don't know why i have such ants in my pants lately...not complaining, i feel good when things are getting done!! oh well, i have some aftermath to clean up from hurricane david before he wakes up!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

a new week

i'm feeling good about this week. after gaining about 10 lbs, i'm officially back on the wagon! although, i'm not really feeling that well, but i am still hoping to get in a workout at some point today...we'll see how i feel in a bit.

we had a nice weekend. didn't really do anything was just, nice. minor annoyances from my husband aside, i love those kinds of weekends. nothing to do, but still getting stuff done...and the kids are good!! mom came over for a bit on saturday while dad was fishing. after the kids went to bed that night we rented the new indiana jones...well, not that new now, but we don't rent movies much anymore since they closed our local blockbuster...still looking into netflix, but its an extra expense we really don't need right now. hubby finally got to cut the grass yesterday! the yard looks so much better! we have a ton of stuff to do out there, but we have to find the time to get out there...which is hard to come by these days! david helped hubby wash the tractor...too cute!

we had a proud parent moment...both kids are self feeding!! we're still in the messy phase, but its so great!! of course, this is HUGE for emily!! she's really gaining that independence that she craves, its beautiful to see! david is just moving at his usual speedy pace! i never thought i'd be "proud" when they were this young, but wow, what a feeling! i can only imagine how it will feel when they're older--you know, when emily becomes president, and david cures cancer!! i'll be bursting at the seems!!!

and just to give emily a little more face time, here she is all ready for a new week of school this morning...

i am starting the countdown for this friday. david is sleeping over aunt cindy's house, and emily will be @ grandma and grandpa's. hubby and i will be cleaning the garage all day on saturday! i really am looking forward to it!! then i'll have room for some craft space that i've been desperately wanting!! we'll also be having a garage sale at some point in the near future as well...never had one before, should be interesting!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling Better

we're not out of the woods, but i'm definitely feeling better. i cooked a good dinner last night, some brownies...those made me happy!

i've really been wanting to do some crafting lately. i'm trying to use up a bunch of stuff that i have. i spruced up a couple of composition notebooks that i picked up @ walmart the other day...have i mentioned that i love school supplies-no, i'm not a student(maybe in the future though). so when i saw the composition books, i knew i could use some scrapbook paper to make them pretty. i made one to keep and one for my sister-she also shares my love of school supplies.
Photobucket Photobucket

i painted a couple of piggy banks, but i'm not totally in love with the one(painting really isn't my forte!), and the other one isn't quite finished...i don't know, i'm on the fence!

i just heard david squeal, and i'm wondering why he's NOT sleeping?! he used crayons for the first time yesterday...
Photobucket Photobucket
...he only tried to eat them twice!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


so the last few days has had its ups and downs. we are struggling with so many things, and its difficult. i feel alone-alot, like no one understands how i'm feeling. i don't want to become resentful of the people I love. so i've been trying to view things in a different light, to put some sort of positive spin on things. easier said than done! today i feel better about things. i don't have the answer to things, but i think i'm out of panic mode. i'm trying not to worry about the things i can't control. my eating is out of control(which oddly enough, is one of the things i should be controlling!) i love my sugar. i've lost about 80lbs, and would love to lose another 20 more, but my head just isn't in it right now! even though i hate how i feel right now. i almost feel like i'm punishing myself. i think i have to get to some sort of low...which may be around the corner!

on a brighter note, emily has "tropical day" @ school today...and she will get to work with her old PT from early intervention. i got an email that she's now working at the school one day a week, and emily is on her schedule! great news! while waiting for the bus this morning, i met my neighbor for the first time...umm, i've lived here for 5 years!! haha...nice lady though-who coincidentally also has 2 special needs kids...go figure!!

so for your viewing pleasure, here's a pic of emily ready for tropical day...i had sunglasses for her, but she wasn't feeling them!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

spick & span

mom came over early this morning and helped me with a looong over due heavy duty cleaning!! my house is so clean, i swear i see twinkles! i am so tired though! i've been sneezing alllll day! it was so dusty!! my nose feels like its about to run off of my face!

david returned from his sleep over with aunt cindy. he was pretty crabby(which i expected), but after a poop he was better! who wouldn't be though?! emily had a great day at school. they are having tropical day on wed., so i'm glad i picked her up that flower lei on clearance @ walmart!! hopefully it will be warm enough for her to actually wear something "tropical"!!

justin is at the firehouse tonight. i have an itch to be crafty, but i'm so tired! i can't take the sneezing anymore!! i'm hoping after a bath i'll feel better. plus i'll wake up in a dust free house tomorrow-so maybe the sneezing will be over!!

oh well, off for a long awaited veg on the couch!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

yummies with my parents

i've been wanting to cook this meal that i saw on the barefoot contessa a few weeks ago. so my parents came up to hang this afternoon, and i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out...even though my dad isn't all that adventurous-i gave it a whirl anyway. it turned out quite yummy-if i do say so myself!! dad liked the chicken and the croutons from the salad, but i don't think he was into the rest. at least he tried!!

grilled panzanella salad

fettunta with prosciutto

tuscan lemon chicken

giant chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich(say that 10 times fast!)

i always love having my parents over. i miss being at home sometimes, and they are home to me.

on a side note:the hunk of junk jeep that got dumped on us, by one of the hubby's so-called "friends",was finally towed out of here today!!! i've been doing the happy dance...alot! :oD

Friday, July 10, 2009

wipe out

So yeah, if I had a camera set up i'd probably end up on america's funniest home videos!! long story short... In an effort to not run over my son, i stepped on the tray from his high chair(because you know, i just had to leave it on the floor!) and went skidding across the room...landing on my knees-spread wide apart. it was the closest i've ever come to doing a split. the kids were crying, i was almost crying--practically hyperventilating because i thought i had broken something!! all about 10 minutes before i had to get emily on the bus! so now my knees are sore, my foot is sore where i stepped on the tray...and the little part right where my thighs meet my crotch area hurts pretty bad...ugh! maybe if i had been working out for the last 3 weeks like i should have, it would have been a little more graceful!

p.s. i forgot to mention the container of cheerios i was holding ended up all over the floor! david ate-err-cleaned some of those up!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

a night with friends

It doesn't happen often, but i actually got to go out last night. i was bummed that the hubby had to watch the kids-we'll make better arrangements next time though. i laughed so hard that my face was hurting at the end of the night. i definitely got home much later than expected...i was pooped this morning, that's for sure! i always feel so refreshed after being out though-like a little weight comes off the 'ol shoulders. wish i could do it more.

Ended up going to my mom's this afternoon with David. Then decided to run home and get Emily off the bus and go back to mom's for dinner. Hubby had the firehouse anyway, so its not like we'd be doing anything!! Emily was such a good girl!! Even after a long day of school, she was just so sweet and happy! Love that. David was David...only stopped for a 30 minute nap, and then was on his way again! Got myself a little treat courtesy of (Jenifer's Family Jewels). Definitely had buyers remorse-but it was a cheap little pick me up---and its pretty darn cute!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Venturing out!

So now that Emily is becoming more comfortable in new environments, we started taking her on little outings. Believe me when I tell you, I always have a minor heart attack while preparing for these outings. I guess its just me-worrying-always thinking of worse case scenarios-that's what moms do! So we started with little trips to Walmart. No major melt downs...Victory is sweet! For the last couple of weeks, Emily has been on "summer vacation" from school. I couldn't(as the super mom I aspire to be) let those two weeks go by without doing something with the kids! SO the hubby had a couple of days off before the 4th. Nothing like waiting until the end of vacation to do something-hey, better late than never!! Friday we decided late in the morning to just "get out of the house". We ended up driving almost 2 hours up into NY state for some shopping at the Galleria. "Shopping" was lunch at Wendy's and Build a Bear! Poor Emily freaked over the make believe bear stuffing machine. That was basically the end of her!! I felt so bad, she had such a great lunch...and I HAD to take them to build a bear. Realistically, I knew she'd probably get scared, but I've been trying to let her experience new things-why should she miss out on at least trying? SO Emily got a pink bear with white hearts, and David got a monkey! On the ride home, David got antsy, so we stopped off at Lafayette Village to see the ducks! After the shock of the empty pond, we finally found them behind the buildings in the shade!

On Saturday, after a couple of hours of indecision, we opted for Peddler's Village instead of the Turtle Back Zoo...why? you might ask...because it was free!! lol What a great day! I was so glad that I was brave enough to take them out. Poor hubby had to deal with my bad mood while packing the necessities...but he's a good man! He knows how I get, and he understands--and I love him all the more for that!

New to the World of Blogging

So I used to journal frequently, but after having two kids it has become a thing of the past! I guess its one of those things that moms give up, but really shouldn't! So the kids are a tad older, and I have a little more free time. Instead of going back to paper and pen, I thought this may be interesting...we'll see!