Monday, October 31, 2011

Merry Halloween!

yes, we have a white halloween this year.  a first in my 30 years!  school is cancelled, millions are without power, trees and lines down all over NJ!  i feel like i'm in the twilight zone!  the town i grew up in has essentially cancelled halloween.  ok, let me rephrase, they have "postponed" it to november 4th.  just insane!  the kids have already used 2 snow days, and we haven't even hit winter yet!!

anyhoo, lets have a little halloween treat anyway!  these were supposed to be for the now defunct halloween party at emily's school...

i turned a hi hat cupcake into a bat!!  they turned out really cute!  i used THIS as my inspiration for the cupcakes!  instead of piping a swirl, i just piped a "blob"(yes friends, that is a technical term!)onto mini cupcakes.  after the big dunk(and don't be a afraid of the dunk, go for it!  that swiss butter cream isn't going anywhere!) i let the chocolate set up for a few minutes and threw on a dash of chocolate sprinkles, then smooshed the eyes on(yes, very specific terms here!)  for the wings, i used the same chocolate i dunked the cupcakes in a zippie bag to free hand the wing shapes.  this took me right back to coloring in elementary school!!  so fun!  you can throw them in the frige to set up faster(or if you have a very cold laundry room, that works too!)  if the chocolate on the bat bodies sets up too much, the wings will be hard to push in, and even break.  so...use a paring knife to slice a slit into their little noggins to help!  then let them finish setting up!  cute and delicious!!  oh, and by the way, i found the candy eyes at walmart in the baking section!

Happy Halloween!!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

mommy to the rescue!

crisis was averted earlier this week after david's poor blanky suffered serious injuries! 
this poor thing has been through the ringer!  it was a gift from my sister when he was a baby, and he soon chose it as his favorite.  its been chewed on, spilled on, peed on, and dragged!  i've been nursing it along for a while, tying off areas that came undone.  but this time was different.  a huge chunk was pulling out, and it needed some evasive action.  he was devastated.   i was able to hide it from him for about a week until i came up with a plan.   it was simple in my head, but have you ever tried to sew something that has been crocheted(sp?)?  it is not easy, my friends!  but i did it.  it was the biggest pain-in-the-ass-thing i have EVER had to sew!!.  i added a satin blanket border.  it looks terrible!  however, the smile on that kids face made it worth it! (and hopefully it will hold everything together for a while!)

Monday, October 10, 2011

the tingles

ok, i think i may be feeling them.  the vibes, the tingles, the CRAFT again!  and even, dare i say WORK OUT!  i really think this weekend was exactly what i needed!  this morning, i'm calm.  even though the kids don't have school.  its ok.  i don't really have the usual anxiety that normally envelopes me on a day such as this.  even typing that didn't make me anxious!  hubs went back to work this morning, but he'll be home for dinner. 

david got a little homework from his speech therapist, so i think we'll sit and do that before emily gets up.  its some fun color/cut/paste stuff so he can practice his sounds.  i think he'll like that.  later, when david is napping, emily's teacher sent her home a big packet of coloring we'll color. 

its unseasonably warm here in nj.  i'm dealing with that.  i want to wear a sweater, damn it!  at least the sun is shining!  i was going to make a stew for dinner tonight, but its not really "stew weather" so i have to come up with something different.  hmmm....

anyhoo.  i hope that my new found calm is here to stay.  i really haven't been liking the panicked, cranky, overwhelmed me as of late.  *deep breath*  we'll see!!

here are a few more pics from over the weekend!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

daddy days

a whole weekend with the hubs.  i'm in heaven.  we weren't sure if he would be able to get a whole weekend off, and we didn't get the official word until thursday night!  i wanted him to have a weekend off before the "silly season"(aka, christmas) starts!  we know that days off will be slim to none in the coming months. 
yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch and a family bbq.  we had some beautiful weather for it, too!  today i think we're just going to hang around the house.  with all of the rain, our grass hasn't been cut since the beginning of august!!  so i think that's number one on the to-do list! 

my heart needed this.

Monday, October 3, 2011

a seizure?

emily gave us a scare yesterday.  her face completely drained of its rosy color, and her whole body went limp.  we couldn't get her to snap out of it.  so we called 911.  by the time the ambulance arrived, i had already moved her out into the fresh air, and she was perking up.  they checked her heart and lungs before we left for the hospital, and all was good.  when we got the the hospital, her color was coming back.  hubs met us there, he was at work.  thank goodness my mom decided to stop over for a bit, she stayed with david at home.  they took her blood--she didn't even cry!  she's a tough cookie.  they got a urine sample.  all tests came back normal.  thank god.  their guess?  a seizure.  omg, i can't take it.  she has always been so healthy.  now a seizure?  i'm going to call her neurologist to see what he has to say.  by the time we left the hospital, she was completely back to her normal giggly self.

it was the scariest.thing.ever.  i thought at any moment that she was going to pass out.  or stop breathing.  i still get overwhelmed just thinking about it.  i held it together until we put them to bed.  i asked hubs if he would go get me cake or ice cream...then i lost it.  holy cow.  so scary.