Monday, October 3, 2011

a seizure?

emily gave us a scare yesterday.  her face completely drained of its rosy color, and her whole body went limp.  we couldn't get her to snap out of it.  so we called 911.  by the time the ambulance arrived, i had already moved her out into the fresh air, and she was perking up.  they checked her heart and lungs before we left for the hospital, and all was good.  when we got the the hospital, her color was coming back.  hubs met us there, he was at work.  thank goodness my mom decided to stop over for a bit, she stayed with david at home.  they took her blood--she didn't even cry!  she's a tough cookie.  they got a urine sample.  all tests came back normal.  thank god.  their guess?  a seizure.  omg, i can't take it.  she has always been so healthy.  now a seizure?  i'm going to call her neurologist to see what he has to say.  by the time we left the hospital, she was completely back to her normal giggly self.

it was the scariest.thing.ever.  i thought at any moment that she was going to pass out.  or stop breathing.  i still get overwhelmed just thinking about it.  i held it together until we put them to bed.  i asked hubs if he would go get me cake or ice cream...then i lost it.  holy cow.  so scary.


  1. OH my gosh!! I can't even imagine. I'm glad she came back around quickly, but how terrifying. I'm glad the tests came back normal, but I'd call a neurologist too.

  2. Oh :-( How scary. I am glad she's doing well now but will continue to think of her!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is so scary! I'll keep thinking of her and your family, even though things checked out ok!