Monday, September 26, 2011


it seems that i have lost my way.  i'm tired.  my heart isn't into much lately.  i haven't sewn anything.  no crafts.  no working out.  a little baking.  and clearly-no blogging!   i want to do all of the things that i love, but apparently i have lost my groove.   my day starts off with a plan, and usually it goes pretty well.  then i hit the wall.  most nights i stare at nothing special on the computer.  well, last night i caught up on the season premiere of csy:ny.  great episode. 

i'm not sure where this funk is coming from.  the kids haven't really been too bad.  hubs is still working his balls off, but i'm getting used to that now.  hell, he's been at wally world for almost a year now!  i have help.  my parents are amazing.  i have a couple of friends.  i usually visit with my one girlfriend and her 3 month old sweet little boy once a week. last week, my sissy and i got together with a friend for munchies and wine. 

its been a while since i've have had a really good belly laugh.  i hate that. 

my head is telling the rest of me to snap out of it, but my heart just hasn't followed yet. 

ok.  enough boo hoo.  how about some things that still make me smile:
*its fall, my favorite season!
*emily lost another tooth!  such a big girl!
*david has started saying so many new words!
*david is 95% potty trained!!(that darn poop!)
*i love my husband, and he loves me.(just celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary!)
*i wake up every morning with hope.
*i wake up every morning.

hey, self----snap out of it!!

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  1. I'm so sorry! I wish I had the magic words. I hope that going into the holiday season will give you a little more spirit and joy on a daily basis. Big hugs!