Saturday, July 23, 2011

the latest

i know, i know...its been a while.  no excuses really, just haven't felt like making any time for my blog.  i do miss it though!  so what have i been up to?  the kids are having fun at their extended school year programs.  emily goes for a full day, and david goes for four hours.  seriously, four hours to myself is simply amazing!  i can clean without interruptions, sew, or just sit my ass on the couch!  heaven. 

i've been in to doing my own nails.  don't have the dough to get them done, so i found a polish brand that i'm in looove with.  ZOYA.  check them out.  you'll love them like i do.  beautiful colors.  chemical free.  and if you like them on facebook, they run some amazing promotions. most of my collection has been free or seriously discounted!!  i heart that.  a lot.  i am currently rocking sooki from their summertime collection.
ok, so what else?  i've been couponing for about a month now.  i'm officially hooked.  living rich with coupons is an amazing site that basically does the leg work for you.  from coupon match ups to keeping you updated on the latest printable coupons.  its been the best move i have ever made.  with a little bit of effort, a pair of scissors and a printer, i have knocked $50 off of my average weekly budget(and its still going down).  i save anywhere from $60-$80 a week!!  my stockpile is growing, and so is my savings account!  i round off what i save for the week and transfer it into my savings account.  love that! 
i need another one of these metal racks!! lol
other than that, i'm just trying to stay cool.  new jersey is having a horrible heat wave right now.  i hate the summer, i really do!  my white irish ass can't take all of this hot sun!  come ooon autumn!!  

the hubs is still working like crazy, but our michigan vacation is coming up!  can't wait for all of us to spend the week together!!! <3

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