Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wordless wednesday

he's such a cheese ball!!

5 minutes for mom

Monday, May 24, 2010

rocking chair re-do

i can't believe i actually finished a project when i said i would...and i'm writing about it in a blog noless!  two gold stars for

i got this rocking chair from my aunt(by marriage) after emily was born.  since she was an only child, she gave me her blessing to use it for our kids.  aaaand, i could do anything i wanted to it!!  well...4 years later...
fabric(i think i used less than 1 1/2 yards...this is child size if you're looking to do this for an adult sized chair, you'll need more fabric)
sewing machine
coordinating thread
pencil(NOT a permanent marker...i'll explain more later)
paper to create a template(i used a piece of tissue paper...'cause its what was handy @ the time!)
spray paint color of your choice-2 cans
sand paper
iron/ironing board
rotary cutter/mat
1 inch think foam
serrated knife or utility knife

*start by sanding the chair...i hate sanding, but it must be done.  just do it enough to take the shine off of the finish.
*spray on 1-2- coats of primer, allow to completely dry.
*spray with your color(mine was blue ocean breeze-gloss, by krylon) at least 2 coats

*after paint is fully dry, use your paper and PENCIL to create a template.  i liked using the tissue paper because i was able to smooth it out into all of the not, i not use a permanent marker to trace your out will have to spray another coat of paint :o/
*cut out the pattern pieces about 1/2 inch- 1 inch bigger for the seam allowance.

*pin onto fabric(wrong side up), and cut out(this will be the top of the cushion)

 *pin on again, this time, you'll want to add 4 inches to the height...i suggest going ahead and making another pattern piece for will make your life easier, and you won't waste fabric--trust me!(this will end up being the bottom pieces of the cushion)
*cut this piece in half...i made the top piece a little larger(this will be pillow sham style)
*repeat for the other cushion
 *next, cut out 12 13x 1 3/4 strips(for the ties)
***i will stop you right here...DO NOT cut out these pieces...I BEG OF YOU, just go out and buy some RIBBON for the ties!  unless, that is, you like standing hunched over your ironing board for a long period of time to make these by hand.  you like being hunched over your ironing board? ...ok, then i guess i'll show you how to finish them....(i'm telling you, go for the ribbon...i woke up with a migraine the next morning!!)
*fold the top down 1/2 inch, press
*fold in half, press
*fold each side into the middle, press
*fold in half again, press again~~~12 tiiimes
....see, that was annoying!!
*edge stitch along top folded edge and all the way down the open side(i left the bottom open, its getting sewn later)
*take bottom pieces of cushion and fold 1/2 inch, press and again to create a hem...edge stitch

*make your fabric sandwich:
take top piece, and lay down right side up, set 2 ties in each corner, then layer with the 2 bottom pieces wrong side up
*start sewing, use 1/4 inch seam allowance.  when you get to the ties, back stitch for stability.
*repeat for your second cushion
*cut out foam using serrated knife or utility knife using the original line on pattern; insert into covers

*bonus pillow:
i had extra fabric that was the perfect size for a little throw pillow.  sew around all of the edges(wrong sides together), leaving a 2-3 inch opening.  snip corners, turn right side out.  stuff with batting.  fold opening in 1/4 inch, sew closed.

i hope these directions don't seem scattered, i kept forgetting to take pictures!!  not good when you're trying to show people how to do it too!!  you can easily finish this in a day...if you have a day!!  lol  i painted this on friday, and finished sewing on sunday.  so it made for a nice weekend project!



Friday, May 21, 2010

hi, its me again...

you know, the "lame blogger'?!  i've been finding it so hard to fit blogging in lately.  i'm trying to find my groove again!  right now, working out has been a huge focus since marie's wedding is only 2 weeks away!!  at some point, i'll figure out a system that works for me!

i finally managed to finish david's blanket.  yes, his birthday was on may 9th...yes, i was a little behind!  here are two things that i recently learned about making a quilt.  while i do enjoy it, i enjoy it more using pre cut fabric!!  this was the first time i cut my own fabric and laid out a pattern on my own...maybe not the best thing to do for a beginner!  also, don't do the shorter, faster looks like poop.

well, here it is...its a little wild and crazy~just like david!!

yesterday emily had a field trip to a boy scout camp where they did some fishing and crafts.  it was a blast!  i asked my dad if he wanted to go because he's a nature-type guy...and he doesn't get to come to alot of emily's school activities because of work.  i think he really enjoyed himself.

my little goof-ball:

they were sooo pooped!  everyone loved that they had matching hats...that grandpa picked out for them!!

my project for the weekend is re vamping a rocking chair that my aunt gave me.  it was hers when she was a kid, and she told me i could do whatever i wanted with it!!  the spray paint is drying as we speak, and i'm hoping to make a seat cushion for it before the weekend is over!

we all lose the groove every now and again!  what matters is that we find it again!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cookie monster pull apart cake

i think this is the perfect cake for a two year old!

you will need:
24 muffin papers
2 muffin pans(regular size)
your favorite cake recipe...or box mix
butter cream or canned vanilla frosting(if using canned, you'll probably want at least 2 cans, maybe 3--depends on how much you like!!)
royal blue gel coloring(i used wilton)
one recipe marshmallow fondant(to follow)
black gel coloring
rolling pin
extra powdered sugar for dusting
pastry bag with large star tip OR fork
cardboard or tray big enough to put your cupcakes on
tin foil(if using cardboard)

*bake off your cupcakes as the directions state...allow to cool completely.
*if using cardboard, measure how much you will need.  i taped two layers together for stability.  cover in tin foil. sure you have a place to store the finished product if you are making it ahead of time!
*arrange cupcakes on cardboard.  this may take some playing around...having a "cookie monster" refrence is helpful!
*prepare butter cream, or add food coloring to canned frosting(mix in one big bowl, not directly in the cans, or you'll end up with two different color blues!). i ended up using about half of the blue coloring to get the right "cookie monster" color!
*frost two cupcakes for the eyes
*start piping your stars.  this does not have to be neat!!  its good if its a little makes it look more like fur.  when you get to a gap, squeeze a little extra frosting in there, then pipe a few stars on top.
* if you do not want to use a pastry bag: smear frosting all over cupcakes, then rough it up with a fork!
*prepare marshmallow fondant:
Marshmallow fondant
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 tbsp water
1 1/2- 1 3/4 cup powder sugar

Place marshmallows in a standard 1 cup measuring cup and push down and pack them in. Place in a microwave safe bowl and add the water. Put in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Just long enough for them to soften and puff up. Take out and stir with a spoon until it is combined well. At this point it looks kind of soupy.(*at this point, if you can add your gel coloring, it will be easier to stir in) Then add the sugar and mix and fold until all is incorporated and it is no longer sticky. I take it out of the bowl when it gets to the point where most of the sugar is incorporated and I knead it in my hands. (*dust your hands and counter top with powdered sugar)This takes roughly about 5-7 minutes. Take a fondant roller or a regular rolling pin and roll out just as you would Wilton's fondant. You can get this fondant almost paper thin and it also repairs well. It's cheap, easy to work with, and tastes great too. *mine seemed a little soft, so i threw it in the freezer until it was firm enough to roll out)

*cut out two circles for the eyes(i used a large pastry tip)
*cut out a mouth--free hand are draw a template first--i recommend the template!! 
*place onto cupcakes; if desired-pipe a little more frosting around the mouth.

*note:  i only ended up using 23 cupcakes!  david really wanted could i deny the birthday boy?!  i was only going to use it for the candles, so it was no big deal!
as an added bonus, i made chocolate chip cookies to place around him!

(p.s. you could easily make elmo with these cupcakes as well!)

and...its always good to have a helper:
WARNING:  your lips will be BLUE after you eat these!!  it doesn't last long enjoy!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

a little all over the place

first and foremost, HAPPY belated MOTHER'S DAY!!  i won't talk about mother's day so much on here today, because it also happened to be david's 2nd birthday yesterday too!!  i will say that hubs and the kids gave me an awesome gift...

this was formerly my grandmother's ring.  each of the granddaughters got one of her rings after she passed.  unfortunately, whenever grandma got a ring, it was usually a size too small...and they had to be cut off of her finger!!  apparently she had a hard time learning her lesson, because most of the rings were cut!  anyhoo, hubs had it made into a necklace for me!!  they did such a great job, and even used some of the gold and diamonds from the original ring.  way to go'll be hard to top this! 

onto the  little monkey's birthday!!  he was so excited ALL DAY!  he played hard with his cousins and his gifts!  it was a great day!  

i made him his birthday shirt:

grandma and grandpa got him a cool pair of shades:
have you ever seen a more bad-ass two year old?!

he loves his new rain gear(and shades):

he got a potty:
"i'm supposed to do WHAT in THERE?"

grandma and grandpa got him some new wheels:

i made him a cookie monster pull apart cake, complete with chocolate chippie cookies:

after my last post last week, emily's fever came back!  that poor kid missed the WHOLE WEEK of school!  it threw us all off...what routine?  what schedule?  i was a mess by friday!  she was diagnosed with strep throat!  she is happily off to school again this morning.  i gotta say, i miss her already...but at the same time, i'm relieved that we can get back to normal!  i'm taking david to my mom's house this morning, and my sissy and i are heading to the mall to get some wedding "undergarments" know...SPANX!(or something along those lines!)
i hope you all have a fabulous week!

oh, and P.S.  i did not finish david's blanket :o(  thank goodness he's too young to know that mommy blew it!  i was attempting to finish it on saturday night, but ended up getting a migraine that lasted into sunday morning.  i should be able to finish it tonight!  sheesh, last week was really screwed up!  *note to self* finish projects a week in advance in case of unforeseen illness--that lasts more than a week!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...and good riddance!

the fever has left the building!  it was around 11:30 last night when we checked on her, and it was normal!  WOO HOO!!  it was the never ending fever!  i didn't have the heart to snap any pictures of her during this time, she was just too fragile to be having a flash pop off in her face!   you've all had sick kids, you know what they look like!   it took us FOREVER to comb the knots out of her hair!  she was a trooper though and sat through it like a champ!  for the two full days with the temp. we would comb it the best we could, but it seemed almost painful for her.  she is laughing again, and has even started walking.  we're trying to have her take it easy though!!  we don't want to give that fever any reason to return!!  my fingers are crossed that she'll be back in school tomorrow, and friday is their monthly trip to the YMCA for swimming...i hope she can go-she really loves it! 

david's quilt is aaaalmost finished!  good lord, i've been dragging this thing out!  lol  i just have to finish the quilting and binding tonight...just in time to give it to him on sunday!  nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  oh yeah, and i'm supposed to make my mom an apron for mother's day! HAHA, i kill me!  that freakin' fever really threw a wrench in the works!  my mom won't mind, as long as the kiddos are feelin' good, and she gets lots of hugs and kisses, she won't miss the apron. 

i've been spending alot of time on craigslist lately.  hubs and i have been talking about repainting the downstairs, as well as sprucing up the kitchen....we've been here almost 6 years, and its been alomst 6 years since we painted!--time for a change!!  we live in an almost 100 year old home.  i think i'd like to go for an updated farm house look.  so, back to craigslist...i found this farm sink for the kitchen:

she was asking $100 for it, but i got her down to $75.  hubs is going to go pick it up on saturday!  i'm so excited to see it in person.  we already have a can of re-glazing stuff that we never used on the tub, so i think it will look gorgeous when its finished!  so here is our inspiration pic:
i finally talked hubs into going for the cream colored cabinets!  we have oak right now, he loves anything "wood" lol.  once i showed him this pic, he was on board! woot!  now, i'm not sure when we'll actually be doing this, but at least the gears are turning!  :o)

ok, david is upstairs screaming at one of the cats!  i don't want him to wake up emily yet.  ugh.  he's such a boy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a letter to emily's fever

dear fever,
     i am writing on behalf of my daughter, emily.  please, would you kindly leave our home.  is 101 really necessary for 3 days straight?  she is four.  she does not yet have the ability to tell us where it hurts.  she does not feel comfort in anything but lying down.  to touch her must feel like razor blades, because she practically jumps through the ceiling every time we feel her forehead.  she has not had a decent meal since saturday. 

more importantly, i want my emily back.  you have not gotten her completely, though.  i can still see the stars in her eyes, and a faint smile in the corner of her mouth.  but i want her all the way back, immediately.  i think you have made your point.  please, do not attempt to visit any one else in this family.  i don't think our spirits could take it.  my husband is practically broken.  to not be able to comfort is little girl is tearing at his heart.  i'm not sure he could take another day. 

i have asked nicely.  please, fulfill my request promptly so that we may all return to our daily lives.
emily's mommy

Monday, May 3, 2010

mommy moment monday.

its 2:26am.  emily has a virus.  no puking, or diarrhea(thank GOD).  however, she. is. miserable.  this has been an on going things since i had to pick her up from school on tuesday afternoon with a 100.2 fever.  by tuesday night, the fever was gone and it seemed like a cold was developing.  i kept her home on wednesday.  she was fine.  sent her back on thursday.  they called me to tell me that she had a rash, but no temp.  they were just going to keep an eye on her.  friday, she still had the rash, i decided to keep her home again.(poor kiddo had to miss swimming @ the YMCA--i felt terrible.)  saturday she was a complete grump-ass, all day.  i was annoyed at her, all day.  then got smacked in the face with a 101 temp by bedtime.  i felt like an ass for being annoyed.  sunday morning, temp was 103.  took her to ER, on poor hubby's bday...i guess a virus doesn't care if its daddy's birthday.  diagnosis: virus.  admin mortin.  luke warm baths.  liquids.  she seemed like she was doing better.  temp went down to 99 before nap time.  it was 102 after nap time.  it has now been hovering around 101 since bed time.  she keeps whining/crying in her sleep.  its not quite time for motrin yet.  so here i sit.   oh yeah...did i mention that during trip to CVS, there was no motrin...only the CVS biggie.  til i got home and found out there is a RECALL on children's motrin, tylenol and benedryl.  we through out a bottle of each. we're thinking that's why the fever was hovering for so long.

i hope this poor kid feels better soon.  of course we're having unseasonably warm/humid weather.  so she got to have her air conditioner installed early.  i'm about to curl up with a blanket on her floor so i can steal some cool air!   

i bet this sounds a little incoherent...but i can't tell on only a couple hours of sleep.  yep...this is what we do.  we sit up at night wondering if we can make it go away?  should i check on her?  give her a smidge more motrin? 

she doesn't want to be touched.  i think it has to do with her sensory processing stuff.  i used to like when i sat with my mom and she would pet my hair or hold the cold washcloth on my head.  emily doesn't want me to do that, though.  that's the only "feel better trick" that i had in my bag.  now what? 

i'm going to go check on her again.  she's been quiet for a little while now.  i hope she gets better soon.  this is no fun for anybody.  my poor kiddo :o(