Monday, May 3, 2010

mommy moment monday.

its 2:26am.  emily has a virus.  no puking, or diarrhea(thank GOD).  however, she. is. miserable.  this has been an on going things since i had to pick her up from school on tuesday afternoon with a 100.2 fever.  by tuesday night, the fever was gone and it seemed like a cold was developing.  i kept her home on wednesday.  she was fine.  sent her back on thursday.  they called me to tell me that she had a rash, but no temp.  they were just going to keep an eye on her.  friday, she still had the rash, i decided to keep her home again.(poor kiddo had to miss swimming @ the YMCA--i felt terrible.)  saturday she was a complete grump-ass, all day.  i was annoyed at her, all day.  then got smacked in the face with a 101 temp by bedtime.  i felt like an ass for being annoyed.  sunday morning, temp was 103.  took her to ER, on poor hubby's bday...i guess a virus doesn't care if its daddy's birthday.  diagnosis: virus.  admin mortin.  luke warm baths.  liquids.  she seemed like she was doing better.  temp went down to 99 before nap time.  it was 102 after nap time.  it has now been hovering around 101 since bed time.  she keeps whining/crying in her sleep.  its not quite time for motrin yet.  so here i sit.   oh yeah...did i mention that during trip to CVS, there was no motrin...only the CVS biggie.  til i got home and found out there is a RECALL on children's motrin, tylenol and benedryl.  we through out a bottle of each. we're thinking that's why the fever was hovering for so long.

i hope this poor kid feels better soon.  of course we're having unseasonably warm/humid weather.  so she got to have her air conditioner installed early.  i'm about to curl up with a blanket on her floor so i can steal some cool air!   

i bet this sounds a little incoherent...but i can't tell on only a couple hours of sleep.  yep...this is what we do.  we sit up at night wondering if we can make it go away?  should i check on her?  give her a smidge more motrin? 

she doesn't want to be touched.  i think it has to do with her sensory processing stuff.  i used to like when i sat with my mom and she would pet my hair or hold the cold washcloth on my head.  emily doesn't want me to do that, though.  that's the only "feel better trick" that i had in my bag.  now what? 

i'm going to go check on her again.  she's been quiet for a little while now.  i hope she gets better soon.  this is no fun for anybody.  my poor kiddo :o(



  1. Poor thing! Hope she is feeling better this morning!

  2. Oh, poor little Emily! I hope she feels better very soon. Really, there is nothing worse. Good luck with it!

  3. awwww poor lil luv... its so hard when they are sick! hope she is feeling better now!

  4. Aw girl, I saw this on facebook! Poor little thing. It is SOOO hard not to get frustrated and annoyed with them during illnesses sometimes, I know!
    I hope everyone is better and little man doesn't catch it!