Monday, May 10, 2010

a little all over the place

first and foremost, HAPPY belated MOTHER'S DAY!!  i won't talk about mother's day so much on here today, because it also happened to be david's 2nd birthday yesterday too!!  i will say that hubs and the kids gave me an awesome gift...

this was formerly my grandmother's ring.  each of the granddaughters got one of her rings after she passed.  unfortunately, whenever grandma got a ring, it was usually a size too small...and they had to be cut off of her finger!!  apparently she had a hard time learning her lesson, because most of the rings were cut!  anyhoo, hubs had it made into a necklace for me!!  they did such a great job, and even used some of the gold and diamonds from the original ring.  way to go'll be hard to top this! 

onto the  little monkey's birthday!!  he was so excited ALL DAY!  he played hard with his cousins and his gifts!  it was a great day!  

i made him his birthday shirt:

grandma and grandpa got him a cool pair of shades:
have you ever seen a more bad-ass two year old?!

he loves his new rain gear(and shades):

he got a potty:
"i'm supposed to do WHAT in THERE?"

grandma and grandpa got him some new wheels:

i made him a cookie monster pull apart cake, complete with chocolate chippie cookies:

after my last post last week, emily's fever came back!  that poor kid missed the WHOLE WEEK of school!  it threw us all off...what routine?  what schedule?  i was a mess by friday!  she was diagnosed with strep throat!  she is happily off to school again this morning.  i gotta say, i miss her already...but at the same time, i'm relieved that we can get back to normal!  i'm taking david to my mom's house this morning, and my sissy and i are heading to the mall to get some wedding "undergarments" know...SPANX!(or something along those lines!)
i hope you all have a fabulous week!

oh, and P.S.  i did not finish david's blanket :o(  thank goodness he's too young to know that mommy blew it!  i was attempting to finish it on saturday night, but ended up getting a migraine that lasted into sunday morning.  i should be able to finish it tonight!  sheesh, last week was really screwed up!  *note to self* finish projects a week in advance in case of unforeseen illness--that lasts more than a week!!


  1. That necklace is beautiful! And your boy is too, too cute. I just bought that same potty for my two year old and it sits there. Unused. We all just kind of avoid it.

  2. I can't believe how the sickness is just hanging on over there. I'm so sorry!

    Your necklace is just amazing!!!

    Love the cute little face when he's on his bike!