Friday, May 21, 2010

hi, its me again...

you know, the "lame blogger'?!  i've been finding it so hard to fit blogging in lately.  i'm trying to find my groove again!  right now, working out has been a huge focus since marie's wedding is only 2 weeks away!!  at some point, i'll figure out a system that works for me!

i finally managed to finish david's blanket.  yes, his birthday was on may 9th...yes, i was a little behind!  here are two things that i recently learned about making a quilt.  while i do enjoy it, i enjoy it more using pre cut fabric!!  this was the first time i cut my own fabric and laid out a pattern on my own...maybe not the best thing to do for a beginner!  also, don't do the shorter, faster looks like poop.

well, here it is...its a little wild and crazy~just like david!!

yesterday emily had a field trip to a boy scout camp where they did some fishing and crafts.  it was a blast!  i asked my dad if he wanted to go because he's a nature-type guy...and he doesn't get to come to alot of emily's school activities because of work.  i think he really enjoyed himself.

my little goof-ball:

they were sooo pooped!  everyone loved that they had matching hats...that grandpa picked out for them!!

my project for the weekend is re vamping a rocking chair that my aunt gave me.  it was hers when she was a kid, and she told me i could do whatever i wanted with it!!  the spray paint is drying as we speak, and i'm hoping to make a seat cushion for it before the weekend is over!

we all lose the groove every now and again!  what matters is that we find it again!!


  1. That quilt is SOOOOOOO cute! Tell me about it though, next time, I'm going to go pre-cut, or use a pattern....oh, who am I kidding!

    What a fun field trip! My family is super outdoorsy, so we get camo outfits for all the kiddos....whether we want them or not! ;)

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  3. Love the quilt! Love it girl!