Saturday, January 29, 2011


 i love me some facebook!  most of my friends are indeed, real life friends and family.  i love that we can all keep in touch.  lets face it, life gets in the way sometimes, and its hard to make time for ourselves let alone the important people in our lives.  i can upload current pics of the kids, post projects that i loved working on, and just plain communicate with the outside world!  its hard to get out when you have a crazy-almost-three-year-old that-thinks-he's-35 child running around!

all that being said, there are a few people that are "friends of friends" type acquaintances.   these are the individuals that you wouldn't necessarily befriend in an everyday setting, but since they sent you the request, you accept.  why not?  right?

ok, so there is this girl...well, she's a 27 year old woman, really--a mom-to-be to boot...i say "girl" because she's really not all that mature for her age.  since the moment she found out that she was pregnant, she insisted that she was having a girl.  even went so far as to stock the closet full of little girl's clothes.  really?  i knew karma would intervene on this one.  and indeed, it did.  she found out yesterday that she is in fact, having a bouncing baby boy!  the way that she has handled herself since sharing the news is, in my humble opinion, appalling!   there was no fanfare...not even an exclamation point at the end of her sentence..."its a boy" was her status.  seriously?  i'd be screaming that to the world!  we all know that screaming or yelling in the interweb world would read something like this: ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!  that wasn't really the appalling part.  the comments she started leaving made me cringe.  comments about being shocked and disappointed.  about how she thought in a few years they'd being playing dress up and going to see the disney princesses--and how that wouldn't' happen now unless he is gay.  that she will not have anymore children (and i'm paraphrasing here) only to get fat and be uncomfortable to be disappointed again.  she is acting like its the biggest let down of her life!  

i am totally dumbfounded that anyone who is about to be a mother could act like this--like a baby!   there are so many women in this world that would love to trade places with her because they can not have a child of their own. 

needless to say, i have "unfriended" her.  it was so hard to not say something to her, but in reality, we aren't friends in the outside world so its  not my place...and i thought i'd take the higher road, and just quietly leave her internet life.  if her family and friends choose to coddle her, and try to convince her that a boy is still a gift, that is their choice.  if someone needs "convincing" that their child is a blessing, then i don't need to be a part of that.  i need people in my life that share the joys of being a parent...not one's that wish the outcome was different.  ugh.  heaven help her if this kid ever finds out the things that were said...

on that note i am PROUD to be a mommy to BOTH of my children!!  they make me laugh and smile, and they fill me up with joy!  i love you my babies---no matter what!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

its snowing....again.

ugh.  more snow in nj.  emily is getting out of school @ 12:30 today.  hubs will be staying home from his second job.  it will definitely be nice to have him home tonight though.  i've been in a pretty good mood lately--even with the snow. 
a friend came over last night...we chatted and ate potato chips and a block of cheese.  i didn't care that i was supposed to be "dieting"...she's preggers. she gets to decide the menu, and i was happy to oblige!   other than the chips and cheese, ive been eating really healthy most days and working out.  my jeans are starting to get loose!  woo hoo!

i'm am bummed about a couple of things though...first:  i can NOT find my valentine's day decorations!  apparently they have gotten feet and walked away.  second: the little slot in my computer where the memory card goes(sorry, i do not know what the technical term is) is NOT working!!  i've taken some cute pics and video of the kiddos and pooch...and i CAN NOT upload them!!  grrr

other than that though...things are pretty good around here.  i now have to end this post picture-less...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

60 days and counting...

...until SPRING!  at this point it can't get here fast enough!  we are completely encased in ice right now!  winter, i am officially over you.  i couldn't even take the kids out yesterday if i wanted to!    poor ginger slipped and fell a few times just trying to pee!  yep.  done.

bring on the easter bunny, my garden, and ALL of the bugs that go with it!  yes, i'd take the bugs over the ice right now.  

at least emily is going back to school today.  mommy will have to deal with her cabin fever a little longer!

alright, it DOES look pretty...and luckily we didn't lose our power....but that doesn't change anything....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a new addtion!

ok, so i was totally heart broken that maggie didn't work out for us.  however, heartbreak has turned into happiness---because we now have Ginger as a member of our family!
she is a 3 year old yorkie, and we love her to bits!!  david is having a hard time understanding "gentle" play and being more quiet!  he thinks that ginger should be playing trucks with him--he'll catch on eventually!  emily could care less that she's here!  haha!!  although, ginger and emily have made an unspoken arrangement...emily drops her food, and ginger will clean it up.  i think we're all going to get along swimmingly!  :o)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

let down

maggie will not become the newest member of our family ::insert sad face here::  it turns out maggie's owner lied when she said that she was 5 years old.  after reluctantly handing over the paperwork, it was confirmed that she is actually 14 years old.  she said she lied because she knew we wouldn't take her knowing that she maybe only had a year of life left--no doubt filled with medical problems(which i'm sure she happily thought wouldn't be her burden by passing her off to my family).   
i am so disappointed.   luckily, my kiddos are young enough that i won't have to sit them down to explain this awful news.  i really hadn't told them that we'd be getting maggie tonight.  being a little cautious proved to be a good way to go.  david did see the new water bowl this morning, but he was more interested in filling it with water than the fact that there should be a doggie to go along with it.   
oh well, the search for our pooch continues.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day? really?

it seems odd to me that school was canceled last night---before the storm had really even gotten a chance to dump on us.  we were expecting about 6-10 inches.  i wake up this morning to clear roads, and maybe about 5-6 inches on the ground.  back when i was in school, we maaaybe would have gotten a delayed opening!  i would have tossed and turned all night with anticipation, only to wake up in the morning to a complete let down.  what kind of crap is this?  i'd hate to give the old "in MY day..." speech, but really, a snow day for 6 inches?  we lived through the blizzard of '96...i think schools today can suck it up for a few lousy inches!
oh well, what am i really complaining about anyway?  i get to have emily home, and the hubs has decided to take the day off from his full time job too.  i get to spend the day with my ok...i'll stop bitching.

maggie will be here tomorrow night!  i'm so excited to bring her into our family!  this week has been dragging!  yesterday david was cooperative enough so that i could do a little "dog proofing" around the house!  hubs is going to pick up a few doggie toys and a couple of bowls.  my MIL is supposed to be bringing a dog bed and some food to start her off(she has 4 shih tzus of her own, so she knows what we'll need to get us started).  can't wait!

the spark people thing is going really well.  i'm feeling motivated, and happy with my progress.  i'm starting to notice a difference in how i feel--physically and mentally!  i cheated and jumped on the scale this morning, and i've lost another LB...that's -5 lbs in just over a week!  love it.  i'm going to be 30 and fabulous damn it! 

oh well, i'm sure david will be up shortly, so i'll say good bye now!! :o)

Monday, January 10, 2011

taking care of myself

its been a while!  i was so consumed with the holidays, i just decided to give blogging a break for a bit.  not sure if i'm back 100% yet, but we'll see.  the holidays were nice...uneventful even!  the kids had a great christmas, i love watching them and remembering the christmases of my childhood.  wonderful memories.  i get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it!  david is still on a santa kick.  there are some lingering books and things that haven't made their way back to the shelves, so he is very much still the "it" thing for david!  when he sees his picture, he points out the window--referring to the north pole.  "yes david", i reply, "santa is back at the north pole until next year---but you still have to be a good boy!"  i loved having emily home, even with the added stress.  she and david got along pretty well, so i'd say it was a successful christmas break for her!  she was READY to be back to school last week though!

last monday i joined  its a free diet/healthy lifestyle website.  with the help of their daily meal plans, as well as working out regularly again, i have lost 4 lbs in a week!  whaat?  its so easy to follow, and the food isn't crazy diet food!!  its totally adaptable to any lifestyle, or goal that you may have.  i would definitely recommend it if you're looking to get healthy!

i'm looking forward to 2011.  i'm definitely hoping for less stress!   david may be starting preschool in may!  he'll have his eval. with the school district in march(because of his speech needs).  the possibility of having 2 kids in school just blows my mind!   i also turn 30 this year!  i have to say, i think my 30's will bring some new adventures--bring it on!

this week we will also be getting a new member of the family!  maggie will be arriving on wednesday(weather pending)!  she is a 5 year old shih tzu!  we've been considering a dog for a little while now.  the groomer that my mother in law works for has a client that needs to give up one of her three dogs(her husband passed away and she's having a hard time coping and taking care of the dogs).  i guess we'll call it fate!   i'm hoping she'll be what we need to lift our spirits a little while hubs has been working so many long hours. 

oh well, i guess that's it for now!!  hope that everyone's 2011 has been good thus far!!  :o)