Wednesday, January 26, 2011

its snowing....again.

ugh.  more snow in nj.  emily is getting out of school @ 12:30 today.  hubs will be staying home from his second job.  it will definitely be nice to have him home tonight though.  i've been in a pretty good mood lately--even with the snow. 
a friend came over last night...we chatted and ate potato chips and a block of cheese.  i didn't care that i was supposed to be "dieting"...she's preggers. she gets to decide the menu, and i was happy to oblige!   other than the chips and cheese, ive been eating really healthy most days and working out.  my jeans are starting to get loose!  woo hoo!

i'm am bummed about a couple of things though...first:  i can NOT find my valentine's day decorations!  apparently they have gotten feet and walked away.  second: the little slot in my computer where the memory card goes(sorry, i do not know what the technical term is) is NOT working!!  i've taken some cute pics and video of the kiddos and pooch...and i CAN NOT upload them!!  grrr

other than that though...things are pretty good around here.  i now have to end this post picture-less...


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