Saturday, January 29, 2011


 i love me some facebook!  most of my friends are indeed, real life friends and family.  i love that we can all keep in touch.  lets face it, life gets in the way sometimes, and its hard to make time for ourselves let alone the important people in our lives.  i can upload current pics of the kids, post projects that i loved working on, and just plain communicate with the outside world!  its hard to get out when you have a crazy-almost-three-year-old that-thinks-he's-35 child running around!

all that being said, there are a few people that are "friends of friends" type acquaintances.   these are the individuals that you wouldn't necessarily befriend in an everyday setting, but since they sent you the request, you accept.  why not?  right?

ok, so there is this girl...well, she's a 27 year old woman, really--a mom-to-be to boot...i say "girl" because she's really not all that mature for her age.  since the moment she found out that she was pregnant, she insisted that she was having a girl.  even went so far as to stock the closet full of little girl's clothes.  really?  i knew karma would intervene on this one.  and indeed, it did.  she found out yesterday that she is in fact, having a bouncing baby boy!  the way that she has handled herself since sharing the news is, in my humble opinion, appalling!   there was no fanfare...not even an exclamation point at the end of her sentence..."its a boy" was her status.  seriously?  i'd be screaming that to the world!  we all know that screaming or yelling in the interweb world would read something like this: ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!  that wasn't really the appalling part.  the comments she started leaving made me cringe.  comments about being shocked and disappointed.  about how she thought in a few years they'd being playing dress up and going to see the disney princesses--and how that wouldn't' happen now unless he is gay.  that she will not have anymore children (and i'm paraphrasing here) only to get fat and be uncomfortable to be disappointed again.  she is acting like its the biggest let down of her life!  

i am totally dumbfounded that anyone who is about to be a mother could act like this--like a baby!   there are so many women in this world that would love to trade places with her because they can not have a child of their own. 

needless to say, i have "unfriended" her.  it was so hard to not say something to her, but in reality, we aren't friends in the outside world so its  not my place...and i thought i'd take the higher road, and just quietly leave her internet life.  if her family and friends choose to coddle her, and try to convince her that a boy is still a gift, that is their choice.  if someone needs "convincing" that their child is a blessing, then i don't need to be a part of that.  i need people in my life that share the joys of being a parent...not one's that wish the outcome was different.  ugh.  heaven help her if this kid ever finds out the things that were said...

on that note i am PROUD to be a mommy to BOTH of my children!!  they make me laugh and smile, and they fill me up with joy!  i love you my babies---no matter what!


  1. I feel bad for that baby already.

  2. Wow. I don't even know what to say except wow. Makes me mad there are people like that in this world though! Poor kid! And maybe she needs to be exposed to the facts about pregnancy and infertility and infant loss. She should just be grateful that her baby is healthy! (and that she's pregnant!)