Friday, January 29, 2010

the puke monster strikes again

lord help me. 

david was up all night puking his poor little guts out.  he finally drifted off to sleep around 3:30 this morning.  i moved him back to his bed around 4:30--he's been sleeping ever since.  thank goodness.  i wish i could say the same for myself, but hey, that's my job.  emily has never had anything like this*knocking on wood* this is the first time i'm dealing with the pukes and a toddler. 

i'll be sure to eat light today.  we all know how this works, ladies.  i'm sure at some point this weekend i'll also be praying to the porcelain gods.  happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

before motherhood slapped me in the face last night...i made this:

hooray for quick projects!

time to go peek in on the sickly one.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

theta mom thursday

so i've had lots of little oportunitites to take time for myself this passed month.  mostly, i've been working out!!  ugh, i hate it!  but my body is looking better and better every day!  i'm itching to get my sew on, but by the time i'm done with my workout and shower its too late--and i'm ready for bed!  so i've got a new plan!  i will work out on saturday mornings--while the rest of the house still sleeps.  and after the kids go to bed, i will sew away!!  that's the plan at least!  my sister's wedding is in june, and at this point i will not be able to fit in the dress that hangs in her closet--yikes!  i've only got about 12ish more lbs to lose.  so i've been working my butt off!!  i don't even care anymore if my hubby sees me! 

i'm also setting a goal to try and get dressed--in anything other than sweats--at least 3xs per week.  i had my little shopping spree at old navy yesterday(9 new tops, 4 tank tops, a sweater, 2 scarves, a handbag, and a partridge in a pear tree!)  i have no excuse.  i think it will be nice to do that for myself.  i get so sad just walking around in sweats day after day.  yes, its easy and comfortable--but it makes me feel like crap!  i purchased all comfy casual --but still cute-- excuses.  now, i can't promise that i will have make up on, or my hair in anything but a bun....but getting dressed is a start!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a night of puking and a shopping spree

last night my hubby was up puking all night!(which means i was also up all night).  i felt bad...i sure wouldn't want to be heaving my guts out on the bathroom floor...but why does he have to turn into such a baby?  seriously.  there was puke dribble down the side of the toilet, a puddle left in the kitchen sink, clorox wipes strune about the bathroom, and a shirt balled up on the floor(i'm sure you can imagine why it was balled on the floor).  i really don't mind cleaning it up, but he just left everything dry...over night.  it cracks me up how something like this--or even a cold--can render him completely useless.  meanwhile...i'm sick with a migrane and dry heaving--and getting emily's breakfast--and doing her hair...i think you get my drift.  ah...such is life...hopefully he keeps this little bug to himself!

my sissy and i took david out to old navy today...*singing a heavenly "aaaahhh" in my head*.  i won a $50 off of a $100 purchase coupon over @ the winey mommy, and i had a gift card from christmas.  oh yeah---i was shoppin'!  i got so much great stuff!!  i snagged a bunch of clearance tank tops and tees for about 1 with an additional 50% off sale and the coupon!  now i need to get out of my "mommy duds" and wear the stuff!!  david was pretty good.  luckily it wasn't busy, otherwise i would have been pulling my hair out!!  he LOVED the modelquins!!  he would wave to them as we walked by them, and he would pet and hug the dog!  so funny!  he made friends with a little boy that also loved the dog!  ahh, love me some retail therapy!!

i'm hoping to get my sew on after my work out tonight...but let's face it--i'm exhausted, and my pillow is already calling my name.  i'll play it by ear!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

why do you come so quickly, monday?

we had so much fun @ my sissy's house!  we made picture frames, ate a yummy dinner made by my sissy, ate junk...lots and lots of junk, watched julie and was so much fun!  i'll be sending her fiance away again so we can do that more often ;o)  emily was so good!  she just wandered around, tried to get the cats...she went right to bed with no problems.  we didn't get anymore of her invitations done, but we did manage to get all but three of the boutonnieres done. 

k...those cupcakes were awesome!  i had one as soon as i got up in the morning! lol  back to my wedding regimen today though!!  -6lbs to date! woot. 12 to go!  i'll be starting the shred again next week to kick my a$$ into high gear!

the BEST part of this whole weekend(besides my little break from david--love him, but i really needed this) was that hubby was busy while i was gone.  he hung my coat racks in the laundry room, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up all the piles, did the laundry--yes, you heard me right--the LAUNDRY, and he hung my peg boards in my craft room.  hello?!  who are you, and what have you done with my husband?!  lol  he's always very helpful...but not usually this much!!  it was very nice to walk in to.  then david woke up from his nap, and i was snapped back into reality with a vengeance!
*sigh*  it was nice while it lasted!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

girls night!

emily and i are heading over to my sissy's house for a sleepover tonight!!  her fiance is in michigan on an ice fishing trip.  i thought emily and i would keep her company tonight.  that means hubby and david get to have some much needed male bonding!  i see a  home depot trip and the firehouse in their future.  as for us girls, we'll be making dinner, putting together wedding invitations, maybe we'll squeeze in a craft.  after emily goes to bed we're going to watch a movie, and eat pop corn and snow caps...BRING IT ON!

oh, we'll also be inhaling these:

this is the recipe from skip to my lou's love for haiti post.
try'll fall over they're so good!

have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my ears are ringing...

oh wait, that's just david screaming at the top of his lungs!its been a rough morning.  why is it, that the later i put him to bed, the earlier he gets up?  its so frustrating.  when i get emily up in the morning, i usually leave her little light on--so that i can see to get out!  so when i get david up, we go in there and get his clothes for the day and turn the light off.  this morning he was hell bent on playing with her little space heater(poor emily has the coldest room in the house).  this kid has been screaming for almost 45 minutes now to go back upstairs and play with that heater!  at this point i'm not even sure he remembers why he's crying!  he hasn't even had his milk yet this morning.  i planned on taking him to walmart, but i'm definetly not taking him out like this!  sheesh.  i'm sweating just listening to him cry!(i put him in his crib to cool down, but its not working yet)  i'll give him a couple more minutes, then we'll try this again!  wow.  this kid really knows how to push my buttons!   i just have to keep in mind that my little devil child doesn't show himself all that much.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wordless wednesday

how do you kow when your son has too much "mommy time"?

...when he begs you for your apron and sweeps the floor all afternoon!

get this child to the firehouse STAT, daddy!

thank you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

$5 scarf turned ruffle neck warmer

when i started blogging back in june, i came across the idea of a ruffle scarf @ happy together. since it was june...i opted to wait until we got some colder weather to give it a try.  oh, and i didn't have a sewing machine yet!! lol  so here is what i ended up with:  

i found a $5 scarf @ wlamart                      

i used the fringe as a guide, and lightly penciled on some lines to follow
then i loaded up the machine with coordinating thread, and hand wound the bobbin with elastic thread.

ta daa!  i just fastened it with a pretty pin!

Monday, January 18, 2010

getting the crust out of the microwave

copyright 2009

Thrifty Decor Chick

today i am participating in the  thrifty decor chick's "so fresh so clean" party!
i would like to share with you how i clean my nasty microwave.  i learned this trick from my mom. 

p.s. crusty cream of wheat SUCKS to clean!
start with a wet rag or a few wet papertowels...don't ring them out completely.

place wet rag in the center of your micrawave and run it on high for one minute

let hot rag sit in there for one-two minutes...then start wiping.  if you have sensitive hands like me, i recommened using a rubber glove...the inside of the rag will be HOT
if you have a really crusty microwave--which mine usually is--you may have to re wet the rag and heat it again. 

its so nice to open a sparkly microwave!! 

check out the the party!!  link up to share your own tips for cleaning and organizing!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

can you feel the love?

emily and i have been enjoying a boy free weekend!  hubby got a side job for the weekend, so he's been gone during the day yesterday and today.  to make it easier on me, my parents took david for the weekend.  ahh, bliss. 

"hmmm, what will we do without david?!"

my sissy came over yesterday and took emily and i to the dollar tree.  then we spent the rest of the day making her wedding invitations!!  (i'm so giddy that the fun stuff is starting!)  we printed out and hand stamped them.  we still have stamping to do, but our hands were starting to hurt---and we ran out of steam after we ate dinner! 

today we've just been tooling around the house having some girl time.  its nice just spending time with her again! 

so i asked if you could feel the love because we're starting to feel it around here.  i don't have many valentine's day decorations, but i got them up over the last couple of days.  here they are:

dollar tree candles with dollar tree ribbon tied around my sconces

these are more dollar tree candles with ribbon added(just used straight pins to attach the ribbon in the back)

i tucked ribbon in my wreath. all wanted to see emily in her outfit so......

what's not to love about that smile?! looks like i have a happy customer!

Friday, January 15, 2010

happy thoughts...

i'm trying to think happy thoughts after some woman in a white suv with a state trooper decal on the windsheild tried to continue on her way- passed emily's bus(with the stop lights on).  are you an idiot, lady?!  BIG YELLOW BUS WITH RED LIGHTS ON DOESN'T MEAN SLOW DOWN AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!  holy sh*t i'm getting so angry!  we haven't had any issues recently with cars passing or blowing there horn.  then this broad has to come screw up my chi on a friday.  i don't care that you have a state trooper badge on your window, and i don't care that you're probably running late. 

*deep breath*'s some happy stuff.  emily was in the paper twice this week!  the first time was on sunday.  they finally put a picture in there from november.  the school participated in something called "stuff the bus", where a local radio station traveled with a bus so that people could make food donations for the county's food pantry.  great cause.  so here is that:

sorry its so crappy!  her teacher sent home a photo copy, and i scanned it.  she's right down in front though.

then there is this article that was in our town's paper yesterday--front page story actually!

the last paragraph is referring to case you don't want to read the whole article(its a great write up about her school though) here ya go:
"For the hours between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., the 19 students that fill the school’s classrooms work hard to develop their physical skills, cognitive skills and life skills. One preschooler is finally walking by herself since enrolling last March, and shortly before turning four. She is just one triumph for the faculty and staff, filling the halls she can now navigate on her own with hope for all the students to reach their full potential.

And to find out for themselves what makes each one so special."

i read that in the car while i was waiting for her bus to come...i was a blubbering mess!! 

hey, broad in the white suv...your kid is propbbaly some lazy little brat that breaks the rules and doesn't respect stick that in your pipe and smoke it....and cram that decal up your ass while you're at it. 

ok, i'm better.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i sewed it, and didn't screw it up!!

i did it, i made emily's patchwork skirt!!  ok, so its not perfect-but what do you want for a first try?!  so i was going to use this tutorial from the moda bake shop...but it seemed a tad advanced for me.  so then i stumbled upon this and thought "i think i can do this one!"  i actually had to muster up a little courage, i didn't want to screw up any fabric...i'm on a budget! lol  so i went for it, and i'm really happy with the results.

after i made the skirt, i thought i could make a shirt too!  so i whipped out the heat n bond and the turtle neck from her christmas outfit and went to town. 

i can't wait to try this on her!
i'm excited to try sewing new things now..tee hee...i love being excited about new projects!!

and here's something if you need a chuckle today...

david saw that i was throwing out a pair of hubby's super nasty socks--he insisted that i put them on him!  he's so funny!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


yesterday i was all over the, i'm in a bit of a fog.  what's up with that?i've been up late the last couple of nights.  i can't even blame it on the kids!  i've just been staying up too late with the t.v. on--damn you, BRAVO!  last night i decided to skip my work out(which, of course, i am regretting this morning), i said it would be a "craft free" night.  so hubby and i sat on the couch together and snuggled.  it was nice.  until i remembered that emily was having "penguin day" at school today.  crap.  i wanted to make her a penguin bow out of ribbon.  so i did, at 9:40 last night.   it only took about 20 minutes, so it wasn't terrible to make.  i found the directions here

then, as i was placing him, ever so gently, in emily's hair this morning....the whole damn clip broke!!  i guess i should have checked its stability before hot gluing him to it.  i was trying to come up with ways to make him work....but at barely 7 in the morning, i wasn't really on a crafty-functioning level.  so i slipped him into her folder to be her buddy for the day.  oh well. 

emily hasn't been wanting to step up onto the bus in the morning.  not really sure why.  it started after christmas break, i thought she was just trying to get back into the swing of things.  i have to find out how she is going up in the afternoons.  she's never had a problem going on the bus or going to school for that matter.  this morning she was a little cranky.  i hope i'm not reading too much into it.  i couldn't really blame her for not wanting to go, its alot to put on an almost 4 year old.  i'm going to keep an eye on the situation. 

ugh, i hear the dryer beeping and david talking upstairs.  i don't wanna, i don't wanna. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little all over the place

my mind is wandering here and there today.  my apologies for being a little random. 

my mother in law ended up not coming over on saturday.  i was crushed.(yes, that was filled with sarcasm!)  hubby was supposed to call her on friday, and never did.  he was out for a majority of the day with david on saturday, and never called her.  after we hit a snag with our museum plans on sunday, he was supposed to call her.  you guessed it--he never did.  i seriously could care less that she didn't come over, but i don't want her putting the blame on hubs.  its not like she was calling to find out details either, but i don't want her to have more fuel for her fire.(she makes it out like we keep the kids from her, which is far from the truth)  i was sick of asking him if he called her, so i stopped asking.  i'll bring it up somehow next week. 

david must be having a growth spurt...he's actually been eating!  lol  bananas are the latest craze, so i've been keeping them in stock.  he's even sitting with a piece of toast this morning!  sitting AND with a piece of toast...its a small miracle. he's got this new thing for wanting to spit food out into my hand.  lovely.  sometimes he puts too much food in his mouth and gags, so i give him my hand to give rid of some--so he doesn't completely explode!!  now he thinks he can do all the time.  gross.  his well check went...well.  nothing to report.  he's right on track, and doesn't have to go back until he's two.  omg, he's going to be TWO!  emily will be FOUR!  where are these years going?!  i'm trying to come up with some bday party themes.  we keep birthdays small around here.  just immidiate family.  they don't need more stuff that they won't play with, so the less people, the better!   i do like to have cute stuff though.  here are the cakes from emily's 3rd, and david's first bdays:

i'm thinking princess theme for emily this year.  i'm either going to do imagination movers, monkeys or trucks for david.  i've got a little time to decide. 

in another random thought:  do any of you watch south park?  well, i don't watch anymore, but hubby and i used to watch it all the time when it first started.  so the bus driver, mrs. crabtree, totally reminds me of emily's bus driver.

(photo from

ok, ok, so she's not as mean as mrs. crabtrtee, but i'm just not really that fond of her.  she's one of those know-it-all types.  so i have basically learned by trial and error that the less i say, the less annoyed i'll be.

did you know that white gold is just yellow gold dipped in white gold?  my sister just informed me of that today.  her engagement ring is white gold, but the underside of it has worn a little and the yellow gold is showing.  huh, i guess you do learn something new every day! ;o) 

alright, i think that's enough blabbing for today!