Sunday, January 17, 2010

can you feel the love?

emily and i have been enjoying a boy free weekend!  hubby got a side job for the weekend, so he's been gone during the day yesterday and today.  to make it easier on me, my parents took david for the weekend.  ahh, bliss. 

"hmmm, what will we do without david?!"

my sissy came over yesterday and took emily and i to the dollar tree.  then we spent the rest of the day making her wedding invitations!!  (i'm so giddy that the fun stuff is starting!)  we printed out and hand stamped them.  we still have stamping to do, but our hands were starting to hurt---and we ran out of steam after we ate dinner! 

today we've just been tooling around the house having some girl time.  its nice just spending time with her again! 

so i asked if you could feel the love because we're starting to feel it around here.  i don't have many valentine's day decorations, but i got them up over the last couple of days.  here they are:

dollar tree candles with dollar tree ribbon tied around my sconces

these are more dollar tree candles with ribbon added(just used straight pins to attach the ribbon in the back)

i tucked ribbon in my wreath. all wanted to see emily in her outfit so......

what's not to love about that smile?! looks like i have a happy customer!


  1. You have some of the cutest decorations ever. I am in love with them and thinking I need to make a trip out to the dollar tree. And I love that outfit on Emily. It is so stinking cute!

  2. She looks so precious in that outfit! In that first picture, she looks mischievous. Love it! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I really like your decorations!

  4. She looks LOVEly! And great V-day decor...I need to get with the program round here!

  5. I LoVe your decorations!! Too cute!! Did you make her outfit? I am loving that skirt!!