Monday, January 11, 2010

weekend recap

its amazing what a little night out on the town can do for a tired mommy and daddy!  friday night my parennts came up and watched the kids so hubby and i could go out for dinner.  we ate a cheap dinner--yep, i'm a cheap date!  then walked around the mall for a bit.  i couldn't take anymore of the kids making out, running around with blue and pink hair--so we didn't stay at the mall for very long.  i can't stand it when these kids are running around parentless.  i was NEVER allowed to go to the mall by myself at 13(ish)!!  and now it seems more dangerous than ever in this world.  why would parents do that?!   i always thought my parents were strict.  looking back, i think they did exactly the right thing.  *sigh*  whatever...that's my vent for the day!                                                                                             

saturday hubs took david for a loooong over due hair cut!!  then they went to home depot and hubby's old fire house for a visit.  it was nice to spend a little girl time with emily--even though she was a little cranky!


while emily was having breakfast i managed to make a wreath out of some left over burlap

yesterday we were supposed  to go to the museaum of natural history.  right after thanksgiving i got an email fromo our local library.  they were offering free one day passes to multiple museums and tourist sites.  the passes admitted up to 6 people.  um, yeah--sign me up!!  my sissy and i agreed on a date, and i reserved our pass at the library's web site.  so in the confirmation email they inform me that i can not pick up the pass until "after 2pm the day before the scheduled date, or any time the day of the revervation."  at 3:00 hubs offered to go run and pick it up...sweet.  yeah, sweet until he got there and they were CLOSED!  he missed them by about 10 minutes...the best part is that they didn't re open until 1:00 on sunday.  SO ANNOYED!  why don't they inform you that you'll only have a one hour window to pick up the damn pass?! maybe i should have checked the hours...but still!!  so no museum :o(  we'll try and pick a new date...maybe in the spring when the weather warms up.

any hoo.  i started making a patchwork skirt for emily last night.  its my first real sewing project.  i'm a little nervous, but i'm really impressing my self thus far!!

oh well.  i'm taking david for his well check appointment today.  i hate going to the dr.  its always too hot in the office, and someone always complains about the wait!!  when i took emily a couple of weeks ago(she had a nasty cough), there was a dead fish in the tank--nice.  ok, ok, i'll stop complaining.

oh--and i lost 3 pounds!  woot.


  1. Cool wreath! I am loving burlap right now!

    Stopping by from SITS! :-)

  2. Pretty pics! I look forward to see your patchwork skirt when it's done. Love the wreath.Have a wonderful week!

  3. Yay for the 3 pound weight loss! Little man looks adorable with the new cut.

    How do you find the time to do all these crafty things?

    There's no way I would have let my kids go to the mall and hang out like that until they were in the latter half of high school.

  4. So glad you two had a date night, despite the crazy kids running around the mall!

  5. So glad you got a date night and WOOT WOOT for the three pounds!!!

  6. Nice hair cut! So glad to see David's cute little ears. Props for your creativity. Love the material in the patchwork skirt. Adorable!

  7. 3 pounds?! Awesome! :-)
    Good luck with your skirt - it looks adorable so far! And yay for a date night! That is always great.

  8. I can't wait to see the skirt! I had a CAbi party last spring and I wanted theirs but it sold out before I could order it :( I might just watch what you do and make my own!

  9. Awesome on the 3 lb loss! I am telling you, I am all in agreement about the mall. We have an outdoor mall near here, and it amazes me to watch eleven year olds hanging out there by themselves, and walking down main roads by themselves. Crazy