Monday, January 18, 2010

getting the crust out of the microwave

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Thrifty Decor Chick

today i am participating in the  thrifty decor chick's "so fresh so clean" party!
i would like to share with you how i clean my nasty microwave.  i learned this trick from my mom. 

p.s. crusty cream of wheat SUCKS to clean!
start with a wet rag or a few wet papertowels...don't ring them out completely.

place wet rag in the center of your micrawave and run it on high for one minute

let hot rag sit in there for one-two minutes...then start wiping.  if you have sensitive hands like me, i recommened using a rubber glove...the inside of the rag will be HOT
if you have a really crusty microwave--which mine usually is--you may have to re wet the rag and heat it again. 

its so nice to open a sparkly microwave!! 

check out the the party!!  link up to share your own tips for cleaning and organizing!!


  1. What a difference! I'm a clean freak, this would be good!

  2. oh with the kids home today and snow on my driveway-this is a great day to clean! thanks-my mircowave is beyond nasty!

  3. I do that, but I usually put either vinegar or lemon juice in the towel as well.

  4. Great tip _ I am going to try this on my convection microwave.

  5. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  6. Great tip! I usually boil a measuring cup of water/lemon juice in the micro and then wipe. Love the cloth idea!

  7. What a great idea! It sure beats scrubbing and scrubbing at dried up bits!

  8. I hate how dirty my microwave gets. This is a great cleaning tip - thanks for sharing. :)