Tuesday, January 19, 2010

$5 scarf turned ruffle neck warmer

when i started blogging back in june, i came across the idea of a ruffle scarf @ happy together. since it was june...i opted to wait until we got some colder weather to give it a try.  oh, and i didn't have a sewing machine yet!! lol  so here is what i ended up with:  

i found a $5 scarf @ wlamart                      

i used the fringe as a guide, and lightly penciled on some lines to follow
then i loaded up the machine with coordinating thread, and hand wound the bobbin with elastic thread.

ta daa!  i just fastened it with a pretty pin!


  1. Wow, how easy for such a snazzy scarf. Beautiful! I may have to try that.

  2. Looks pretty! I love the color combination of scary and pin.

  3. Seriously SO CUTE!! I love it! I think I want one now too!! :)

  4. Cute and you made it look soo easy to do!
    Thanks, Lynea

  5. Do you suppose a gathering stitch would work? Or is the elastic thread a must?