Monday, January 4, 2010

i need some toothpicks... hold my eye lids open!  my darling, sweet, adorable son decided to wake up at 2:00 this morning.  and cry-his annoying, there is no problem, i just want you to know that i'm here, kind of cry...for an hour.  i grinded my teeth for an hour...tried not to move, for an hour...and finally the angry mom took over!  *i should point out that david is our room mate for the time being.  we only have two bedrooms.  since emily hasn't be handling david all that well, we have not made the transition...yet!*  i snatched him up and asked him what he wanted...he pointed to his blanket.  i grabbed said blanket and hopped into my bed with him.  now, i only reserve that move for when he is sick or i'm sick of hearing him and need some darn sleep!  well, sweet boy was not happy with that arrangement either.  he kept pointing and grunting @ the door.  oh, the grunting is getting so old, i wish he'd start talking!!(i'm sure i'll regret that)  he wanted to be on the off i went, seeing red the entire way down the stairs, passed the toys left on the floor and threw a cat.  he snuggled into my chest...i though "ok, this should only take about 15 minutes".  hahaha, it must have been the exhaustion talking.  sonny boy wanted the t.v. on...i won that victory though, never did turn it on.  ONE HOUR LATER, he was finally asleep enough for me to lug him back up to his bed.  i went and hid in the bathroom for a few minutes until the coast was clear, then went back to the couch and watched the news until i had to get emily up for school.  mama needs some freakin' coffee!  we've all been sick since christmas, this has been david's yucky-est cold to date.  so the other night he woke up very upset and snotty-literally, snotty, it was everywhere!!  so we snuggled on the couch until he went to sleep.  i have now created a monster!! 

this first post of the new year was supposed to be about my goals for the year.  however, motherhood completely derailed that!! lol  i'll save it for tomorrow.  i will say that i pledge to be a better blogger.  i really slacked off before christmas--i'm sure you all know how that gets though!   

i'll leave you with some pics from christmas II(family from michigan come out after christmas for another celebration)  the kids finally got to wear their outfits! lol

playing the hat game with grandpa

and THIS is what happens when mommy leaves the room for a little girl chat...
...darn boys!  he did NOT drink any...i gave him the sniff check!  hubby would have been in the sh*t house for a looong time!!


  1. They're adorable! And worth every second of sleep you lose. Hope you get a chance for a nap today?

  2. That mischievous little grin when he's holding the beer can is too much! I hope you catch up on your zzzzz's soon. By the way, Grandpa looks young!

  3. i am so sorry for your lack of sleep. I hate when that happens. I hope you all feel better soon. Colds are so horrible!
    I think I would have killed my husband if I walked into a room to find my son holding a beer. But it is a funny photo.

  4. Oh goodness! That little grunt virtually echos are this house, too! I can empathize with you there. I hope you are able to get a nap in today!

  5. I wish I could say the same about Sam....somehow she LOVES beer.....thank you, husband.

  6. Awh so cute! I am over from Theta mom! I am trying to vist at least 1 new blog each day too! :) I am a new follower and I'll be back! :)


  7. Stopping by from SITS! Cute blog! :)

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