Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little all over the place

my mind is wandering here and there today.  my apologies for being a little random. 

my mother in law ended up not coming over on saturday.  i was crushed.(yes, that was filled with sarcasm!)  hubby was supposed to call her on friday, and never did.  he was out for a majority of the day with david on saturday, and never called her.  after we hit a snag with our museum plans on sunday, he was supposed to call her.  you guessed it--he never did.  i seriously could care less that she didn't come over, but i don't want her putting the blame on hubs.  its not like she was calling to find out details either, but i don't want her to have more fuel for her fire.(she makes it out like we keep the kids from her, which is far from the truth)  i was sick of asking him if he called her, so i stopped asking.  i'll bring it up somehow next week. 

david must be having a growth spurt...he's actually been eating!  lol  bananas are the latest craze, so i've been keeping them in stock.  he's even sitting with a piece of toast this morning!  sitting AND with a piece of toast...its a small miracle. he's got this new thing for wanting to spit food out into my hand.  lovely.  sometimes he puts too much food in his mouth and gags, so i give him my hand to give rid of some--so he doesn't completely explode!!  now he thinks he can do all the time.  gross.  his well check went...well.  nothing to report.  he's right on track, and doesn't have to go back until he's two.  omg, he's going to be TWO!  emily will be FOUR!  where are these years going?!  i'm trying to come up with some bday party themes.  we keep birthdays small around here.  just immidiate family.  they don't need more stuff that they won't play with, so the less people, the better!   i do like to have cute stuff though.  here are the cakes from emily's 3rd, and david's first bdays:

i'm thinking princess theme for emily this year.  i'm either going to do imagination movers, monkeys or trucks for david.  i've got a little time to decide. 

in another random thought:  do any of you watch south park?  well, i don't watch anymore, but hubby and i used to watch it all the time when it first started.  so the bus driver, mrs. crabtree, totally reminds me of emily's bus driver.

(photo from southparkrecall.com)

ok, ok, so she's not as mean as mrs. crabtrtee, but i'm just not really that fond of her.  she's one of those know-it-all types.  so i have basically learned by trial and error that the less i say, the less annoyed i'll be.

did you know that white gold is just yellow gold dipped in white gold?  my sister just informed me of that today.  her engagement ring is white gold, but the underside of it has worn a little and the yellow gold is showing.  huh, i guess you do learn something new every day! ;o) 

alright, i think that's enough blabbing for today!


  1. I love random days. Glad the MIL stayed in her lair. :)
    Perhaps a Princess Castle Cake is in the works???

  2. The cakes look great! Visiting from SITS :)

  3. Ooh, those cakes are wonderful! I bet you will come up with something amazing for their birthdays. BJ Mama suggested a castle cake, I am suggesting the actual princess cake. My little sister got a barbie, and built a cake around her, making the cake be the bottom half of her gown. It was adorable.

  4. How funny, I never knew that about white gold. Interesting. We just bought all of little man's stuff for his 3rd birthday. How did I not put two and two together that our kids are so close in age? My daughter just had her first birthday.