Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year

so far, its been alot of headaches! lol i'm trying not to focus on that though...it makes me grumpy!!  if you're sick of reading new years posts, stop reading now! lol  mine is a little late...what else is new though! haha

i really don't make "resolutions".  we all know how they usually turn out.  this year, i'm really focused though.  my main goal is more patience.  i always thought that i was a patient person.  i worked as a cashier/customer service rep for many years before i became a mom.  i saw and dealt with alot of crazy nasty lunatics.  there were a couple-while i do not remember their names, i will always remember their faces-that actaully made me cry.  i was young, and shy...tears were ineveitable if you were an ass.  i thought when i had kids that i had the patience thing down.  wow, was i wrong!  i lost my patience alot, then feel totally guilty, and like i should be awarded crappiest mother of the year!  i'm even short with hubs sometimes, and left wondering why?  maybe its the pressure of doing it all(ok, not all, hubs is great...but alot!)  this is the year to get it together though.  i don't want my kids to have an impatient crazy woman running around the house!

i'd like to be more kind to myself.  i put myself down...often.  i blame myself for silly things...i've even called myself "stupid" a time or two.  what's up with that?!  i was never like that.  i think its that "being perfect" thing popping up again. 

more crafts!!  i am really wanting to get my sew on!  i've made a few small things, but i'd love to start quilting.

blogging.  i said it yesterday...i want to be a better blogger.  that includes learning how to actually use this thing! lol  i only know how to do the very bare bones minimum in order to keep it up and running!  i'd like to post more tutorials and recipes.  i'll also be trying to visit at least one new blog per day. 

romance.  we need more of it.  its not even a sexual thing...ok, part of it is...but i will give more hugs and kisses, and try to do more cute/fun/lovey things for him. 

i need to be healthy.  i want to set a good example...esp for david.  emily will eat anything we give her.  david, however, has turned into a little junk food junkie.  its my fault.  he hasn't been eating well at all, so i would give him what i was having...which as of recently, has consisted of garbage!  need to nip.that.in.the.bud.

ok, i'll stop now.  i think those are pretty realistic goals to work at. 

oh...and note to self(yes, another one)  NEVER ask your toddler to help put daddy's snack cakes away then turn your back...

this is the same junk food junkie i was referring to above.  ugh.


  1. Hang in there. If you find any mother that claims to not have lost it with thier children or hubby while raising a family - well, they are lying! It's tough work and it takes a toll on a mom!

    Be sure to treat yourself nice! Your children are learning the "moms" place and how she should be treated by watching you. (I know, pressure!) So take some time for yourself and smile and enjoy more!

    And LOVE that naughty smile! What a cutey!

  2. How adorable are these pictures!

    I agree that we need to be kind to ourselves - I put myself first, and that helps me with being a better caretaker for my family. :)

  3. The elusive patience. I hear you on that one! I wish you the best of luck. Wow, all your goals sound so great. I need to work on all of them as well. But just think, once you reach these goals, what a happier person you will be! Good luck on your journey!

  4. You can't even be mad at that cute little face either!