Wednesday, January 13, 2010


yesterday i was all over the, i'm in a bit of a fog.  what's up with that?i've been up late the last couple of nights.  i can't even blame it on the kids!  i've just been staying up too late with the t.v. on--damn you, BRAVO!  last night i decided to skip my work out(which, of course, i am regretting this morning), i said it would be a "craft free" night.  so hubby and i sat on the couch together and snuggled.  it was nice.  until i remembered that emily was having "penguin day" at school today.  crap.  i wanted to make her a penguin bow out of ribbon.  so i did, at 9:40 last night.   it only took about 20 minutes, so it wasn't terrible to make.  i found the directions here

then, as i was placing him, ever so gently, in emily's hair this morning....the whole damn clip broke!!  i guess i should have checked its stability before hot gluing him to it.  i was trying to come up with ways to make him work....but at barely 7 in the morning, i wasn't really on a crafty-functioning level.  so i slipped him into her folder to be her buddy for the day.  oh well. 

emily hasn't been wanting to step up onto the bus in the morning.  not really sure why.  it started after christmas break, i thought she was just trying to get back into the swing of things.  i have to find out how she is going up in the afternoons.  she's never had a problem going on the bus or going to school for that matter.  this morning she was a little cranky.  i hope i'm not reading too much into it.  i couldn't really blame her for not wanting to go, its alot to put on an almost 4 year old.  i'm going to keep an eye on the situation. 

ugh, i hear the dryer beeping and david talking upstairs.  i don't wanna, i don't wanna. 


  1. That clip is adorable! So sad that it broke. Good luck figuring out why she is not wanting to get on the bus. Hopefully you are just reading into it. But good luck nonetheless. And if you don't wanna, just don't do it. Hide in your craft closet and craft! That is my advice anyway.

  2. That is so cute! I hope you can fix it!