Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a night of puking and a shopping spree

last night my hubby was up puking all night!(which means i was also up all night).  i felt bad...i sure wouldn't want to be heaving my guts out on the bathroom floor...but why does he have to turn into such a baby?  seriously.  there was puke dribble down the side of the toilet, a puddle left in the kitchen sink, clorox wipes strune about the bathroom, and a shirt balled up on the floor(i'm sure you can imagine why it was balled on the floor).  i really don't mind cleaning it up, but he just left everything dry...over night.  it cracks me up how something like this--or even a cold--can render him completely useless.  meanwhile...i'm sick with a migrane and dry heaving--and getting emily's breakfast--and doing her hair...i think you get my drift.  ah...such is life...hopefully he keeps this little bug to himself!

my sissy and i took david out to old navy today...*singing a heavenly "aaaahhh" in my head*.  i won a $50 off of a $100 purchase coupon over @ the winey mommy, and i had a gift card from christmas.  oh yeah---i was shoppin'!  i got so much great stuff!!  i snagged a bunch of clearance tank tops and tees for about 1 with an additional 50% off sale and the coupon!  now i need to get out of my "mommy duds" and wear the stuff!!  david was pretty good.  luckily it wasn't busy, otherwise i would have been pulling my hair out!!  he LOVED the modelquins!!  he would wave to them as we walked by them, and he would pet and hug the dog!  so funny!  he made friends with a little boy that also loved the dog!  ahh, love me some retail therapy!!

i'm hoping to get my sew on after my work out tonight...but let's face it--i'm exhausted, and my pillow is already calling my name.  i'll play it by ear!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the hubby... praying he gets better soon! :(

  2. Ugh! Being sick is the worst. I really feel for the both of you. But at least you got to do some shopping. That is always fun. And it sounds as if you made a killing!