Thursday, January 7, 2010

to whom it may concern,

dear mother in law,
    i have to say that i hate you.  i've never hated anyone.  you treat your son like he's an after thought.  you want to be "grandma", but make little to no effort--actions speak louder than words in my book.  why didn't you come to see david while he was in the hospital?  maybe its because you never gave your son your new cell phone #, and he couldn't get in touch with you for the first 24 hours that he was admitted.  you are no mother.  i wouldn't trust a pet with you.  i will be cordial on saturday, but only because i love my husband.  start taking responsibility for your actions.  you want hubs to forget what happened in the past, but how can he when you've never even apologized for the situatuions you put him in?  i have no use for you.
                                                                              ~your daughter in law.
p.s. i'm still pissed that you wore a white lace dress to MY wedding.  idiot.

dear emily,
      can you be a little faster getting onto the bus in the morning?  i figured that you were just trying to get back into the routine on monday and tuesday.  its thursday now though, and i am still pushing you up the steps!  work with me.
                                                          mommy xoxo

dear sewing machine,
                thank you for allowing me to finally finish my ruffle scarves last night.  i know we had our differences in the afternoon, but i'm happy we were able to work things out.

dear hubby,
          PLEASE take our son for a hair cut.  i can't find his ears.
                                                              your wife.


  1. Wow. Love those letters! Especially the one for your MIL. I'm guessing she doesn't read your blog?

    Visiting over from SITS :)

  2. Very honest the ruffle scarf!
    Stopping by from SITS!!!

  3. Beautiful scarf! I'm amazed! I love the last one - "I can't find his ears" is definitely the point where we determine its time for a cut too.

  4. The scarf is pretty! My son needs a hair cut too!

  5. Your sewing skills are so impressive! I love your scarf! I'm sorry about the MIL situation and I hope the day moves along without incident for you.

  6. Hmm, your MIL doesn't read your blog, does she? But by the sounds of it, I am guessing you wouldn't care if she did. Cute letter to Emily and your hubby, and way cute scarves!

  7. oh....if only my family didn't read my blog...

    Glad you can vent! :P on your MIL

  8. My oldest son married this summer and I so want her to love me - however, it has to be a two way desire to have a relationship. I am not giving up, though! I wrote this for her to read before she walked down the aisle - she never responded to it:

    I absolutely love your scarf! I knit, but I want to learn how to sew before I'm 80!

    I've found letters to be a tremendous way to communicate! Yeah for bravery!

  9. It is a terribly sad feeling to be abandoned by the people (parents) that are supposed to be the ones that will always be there for you.

    We are in the same place, sadly.

    It is especially sad for the children.

    It is good you have a safe place to vent about it.

    The scarf would go great with my new favorite hat---and it's below 30 here today :)

  10. what is funny about this is that my mom (who we dont even talk to anymore to save our sanity) wore an off white lace dress to our wedding too!
    but my mother in law...amazing woman. and totally makes up for the fact that my mom is a loser.

  11. That was a decently diplomatic letter to your MIL. Mine has hurt us pretty bad, too. Stinks doesn't it.