Thursday, January 13, 2011

let down

maggie will not become the newest member of our family ::insert sad face here::  it turns out maggie's owner lied when she said that she was 5 years old.  after reluctantly handing over the paperwork, it was confirmed that she is actually 14 years old.  she said she lied because she knew we wouldn't take her knowing that she maybe only had a year of life left--no doubt filled with medical problems(which i'm sure she happily thought wouldn't be her burden by passing her off to my family).   
i am so disappointed.   luckily, my kiddos are young enough that i won't have to sit them down to explain this awful news.  i really hadn't told them that we'd be getting maggie tonight.  being a little cautious proved to be a good way to go.  david did see the new water bowl this morning, but he was more interested in filling it with water than the fact that there should be a doggie to go along with it.   
oh well, the search for our pooch continues.


  1. I'm really sorry. I can't believe they would lie like that.

  2. OH my gosh! What did they think would happen?! That is terrible, I'm so sorry.