Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day? really?

it seems odd to me that school was canceled last night---before the storm had really even gotten a chance to dump on us.  we were expecting about 6-10 inches.  i wake up this morning to clear roads, and maybe about 5-6 inches on the ground.  back when i was in school, we maaaybe would have gotten a delayed opening!  i would have tossed and turned all night with anticipation, only to wake up in the morning to a complete let down.  what kind of crap is this?  i'd hate to give the old "in MY day..." speech, but really, a snow day for 6 inches?  we lived through the blizzard of '96...i think schools today can suck it up for a few lousy inches!
oh well, what am i really complaining about anyway?  i get to have emily home, and the hubs has decided to take the day off from his full time job too.  i get to spend the day with my ok...i'll stop bitching.

maggie will be here tomorrow night!  i'm so excited to bring her into our family!  this week has been dragging!  yesterday david was cooperative enough so that i could do a little "dog proofing" around the house!  hubs is going to pick up a few doggie toys and a couple of bowls.  my MIL is supposed to be bringing a dog bed and some food to start her off(she has 4 shih tzus of her own, so she knows what we'll need to get us started).  can't wait!

the spark people thing is going really well.  i'm feeling motivated, and happy with my progress.  i'm starting to notice a difference in how i feel--physically and mentally!  i cheated and jumped on the scale this morning, and i've lost another LB...that's -5 lbs in just over a week!  love it.  i'm going to be 30 and fabulous damn it! 

oh well, i'm sure david will be up shortly, so i'll say good bye now!! :o)

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  1. My kids were constantly being let down by no snow days too. It is TOUGH to get them in Michigan. Here in NC, the world shuts down if a flake flutters over the state line.