Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...and good riddance!

the fever has left the building!  it was around 11:30 last night when we checked on her, and it was normal!  WOO HOO!!  it was the never ending fever!  i didn't have the heart to snap any pictures of her during this time, she was just too fragile to be having a flash pop off in her face!   you've all had sick kids, you know what they look like!   it took us FOREVER to comb the knots out of her hair!  she was a trooper though and sat through it like a champ!  for the two full days with the temp. we would comb it the best we could, but it seemed almost painful for her.  she is laughing again, and has even started walking.  we're trying to have her take it easy though!!  we don't want to give that fever any reason to return!!  my fingers are crossed that she'll be back in school tomorrow, and friday is their monthly trip to the YMCA for swimming...i hope she can go-she really loves it! 

david's quilt is aaaalmost finished!  good lord, i've been dragging this thing out!  lol  i just have to finish the quilting and binding tonight...just in time to give it to him on sunday!  nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  oh yeah, and i'm supposed to make my mom an apron for mother's day! HAHA, i kill me!  that freakin' fever really threw a wrench in the works!  my mom won't mind, as long as the kiddos are feelin' good, and she gets lots of hugs and kisses, she won't miss the apron. 

i've been spending alot of time on craigslist lately.  hubs and i have been talking about repainting the downstairs, as well as sprucing up the kitchen....we've been here almost 6 years, and its been alomst 6 years since we painted!--time for a change!!  we live in an almost 100 year old home.  i think i'd like to go for an updated farm house look.  so, back to craigslist...i found this farm sink for the kitchen:

she was asking $100 for it, but i got her down to $75.  hubs is going to go pick it up on saturday!  i'm so excited to see it in person.  we already have a can of re-glazing stuff that we never used on the tub, so i think it will look gorgeous when its finished!  so here is our inspiration pic:
i finally talked hubs into going for the cream colored cabinets!  we have oak right now, he loves anything "wood" lol.  once i showed him this pic, he was on board! woot!  now, i'm not sure when we'll actually be doing this, but at least the gears are turning!  :o)

ok, david is upstairs screaming at one of the cats!  i don't want him to wake up emily yet.  ugh.  he's such a boy!


  1. The kitchen design example is beautiful and that sink is amazing. It will be so much fun to work on that project.

    So glad your little one is on the mend now!!!

  2. yay for the return of health! and you are an incredibly talented woman. Good luck on the home fix ups. It will look great!