Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a letter to emily's fever

dear fever,
     i am writing on behalf of my daughter, emily.  please, would you kindly leave our home.  is 101 really necessary for 3 days straight?  she is four.  she does not yet have the ability to tell us where it hurts.  she does not feel comfort in anything but lying down.  to touch her must feel like razor blades, because she practically jumps through the ceiling every time we feel her forehead.  she has not had a decent meal since saturday. 

more importantly, i want my emily back.  you have not gotten her completely, though.  i can still see the stars in her eyes, and a faint smile in the corner of her mouth.  but i want her all the way back, immediately.  i think you have made your point.  please, do not attempt to visit any one else in this family.  i don't think our spirits could take it.  my husband is practically broken.  to not be able to comfort is little girl is tearing at his heart.  i'm not sure he could take another day. 

i have asked nicely.  please, fulfill my request promptly so that we may all return to our daily lives.
emily's mommy


  1. Scram fever! I hope your poor girl feels better today!

  2. Move it on out FEVER!!! I was there with Baby DIVA and FEVER i defeated you. Dont make me come over there and whoop up on you on emily's behalf. MOVE IT!!!