Thursday, April 29, 2010

sick kids suck

emily was home from school yesterday.  i had to pick her up on tuesday because of a slight fever.  the fever never came back, but she was feeling pretty poopy for most of the day yesterday.  so the crankies did not come from the constipation monster, as i had suspected, but a darn cold.  and now, oh how fun....i think david has it.  crap.  which means, hubs and i are next in line.  and there is NOTHING worse than a sick hubby.  sorry, sympathy for you flew out the door the night emily was born. 

emily still seemed a little out of sorts this morning.  i'm hoping she makes it through the day. 

i just confirmed a babysitter for the night of my sissy's wedding!  marie is getting married on a friday night.  the kids are in the wedding, but by the time the ceremony and the traditional intros, etc. are finished they're going to be pooped!  i keep in touch with one of emily's old therapists, and she has kindly agreed to basically sit on the couch and watch tv while they sleep! lol  luckily the venue is only about 10ish minutes from our house.  the jammies will be coming with us so we can put them right to bed when we get home.  thank goodness bed time is pretty easy for us.  we shouldn't have any issues.  then, mommy and daddy can go dance the night away.  ok, i hate to dance, but i think i can make an exception because A) its my sissy's wedding, and B) not having to keep an eye on your kids in a room full of people is reason enough to dance!! :o)

david's quilt is coming along.  should be finished this weekend!!  well, i think.  i have to bake hubs a bday cake for sunday, and on saturday we're taking the kids back to shop rite for more cake decorating!!  so its going to be a busy weekend, but the weather is going to be gorgeous...that always puts a little fire up my butt! 

oh well.  i have to go wash the sicky sheets and clean the floors today...exciting stuff, i know!


  1. I'm sorry Emily isn't feeling well :-( And that David caught it. I will keep my fingers crossed you and your hubs can steer clear!

    Yay for a babysitter for the wedding. Thats a great idea and I'm sure you'll have an amazing time with them safely at home!

  2. Oh, I hope they get well very soon. Sick kids are so not fun!