Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mock edible arrangement tutorial

ok, my other post from today is pretty boring...then i remembered about my mock edible arrangement from marie's shower!  here we go.
*note* completely ignore that you are about to see a watermelon!  pretend it is all pineapple.  watermelon DID NOT work...it was too heavy and slid down the skewers! but of course, i only took pics of the watermelon. 

you will need:
a sturdy container (i used a flower pot...clean, of course!)
Styrofoam block
easter grass or some sort of filler
wooden or bamboo skewers
pineapple, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, honey dew
kitchen scissors
flower cookie cutter
melon baller

squeeze styrofoam block into  container, slice off the corners with a serrated knife.
stuff a little easter grass into the gaps and a little over the top of the block.
slice pineapple into about one inch slices, cut out flower shapes
slice melons in half, clean out seeds, then use melon baller to scoop out, well, balls!
insert skewers into strawberries, being careful to not come through the top
insert skewers at an angle into the pineapple, coming out about an inch to and inch and a half.  place a melon ball on the skewer to create the flower center.

place grapes and the remaining melon balls onto skewers.
start building your arrangement.  i placed the pineapple flowers in first, then started filling in with the rest of the fruit.  i used the strawberries to fill in any holes.  use kitchen scissors to cut skewers for shorter stems.
once fruit is in place, stuff a little more easter grass in between skewers to cover any styrofoam that shows.

*notes for next time*:
*make this the day/morning of the event.  some of the fruit slid down the skewers...nothing i couldn't fix, but it could have been avoided all together.

*make the sticks a little shorter next time.  i think i will be able to hide more of the skewers if everything is a little shorter. 

*measure the frige!!  this came out pretty tall, and just fit in the frige after taking out a shelf!(thank goodness we have two friges!!) lol

i think this will be a fun, fresh addition to any summer barbecue or graduation party...or bridal shower!!!


  1. My daughter is planning a bridal shower for her best friend and this would be perfect for her to do too! I'm sending her the link to your blog!

    Thank you SO much for the tutorial!

  2. I was thinking the same thing about the graduation party - we've got one of those coming up! My daughter would love this (:

  3. Never thought about making one of these. So much better than the normal fruit platter. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

  4. This is excellent! Thank you for your tips! I think I'll make one of these soon!

  5. Great idea! And I bet your price tag was a lot nicer on the wallet than the ones I've seen for sale.

    I want to know how long it survived before being eaten!

  6. With strawberries so cheap here right now, this is a great idea!

  7. Never thought of making this myself... brilliant idea!

  8. Ha ha! I totally ignored the watermelon :) Great idea to make a bouquet like this!

  9. Very very cute! A do-able and lovely version of a fruit salad, and I'm sure much cheaper than buying from E.A.! Thanks for sharing (and for finding out that watermelon didn't work for us :-)

  10. beautiful! u really did a great job~

  11. Wow that looks almost too good to eat! I did say almost. How perfect for a shower.

  12. LOVE THIS!! I am throwing a baby shower next weekend and this will be a fun addition.


  14. This is so great! I have always wondered if you could make these on your on and now I know! Thanks a ton!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  15. Oh i love these. I have always wanted to make one. Thanks for sharing. Think i will try this at the next function i attend with my mom group!

  16. Your arrangement looks really good, I was wondering what you did to keep it from turning brown and going soft. Did you put lemon juice on the fruit or anything? If not did you find any problems with it looking less fresh than you wanted?

  17. Not sure if someone said this already or not. However, a way to keep the watermelon flowers or any other fruit for that matter from sliding you could line the skewer with grapes. (green grapes would make it look like a stem and it'd solve your problem of hiding the wooden skewers.

    I'm making my first one today so I've done a lot of research, hope it works. I'm gonna give it a go!