Monday, April 26, 2010

showers of happiness

 we had a loose "kitchen themed" shower.  we sent recipe cards with the invitations asking guests to give marie their favorite recipe then bring one non perishable ingredient for the wishing well.(she and her fiance live together, so they don't really need the typical gadgets that you'd get in a wishing well)

 it was a beautiful day!  my sister looked stunning, the sun was shining, and everyone had a great time. 
*warning* LOTS of pics to follow!!
 i made a knock off version of an edible arrangement! 

here is the ruffle apron and oven mitt that i made for her!(btw, it seemed like i made alot more for her, but apparently it was all in my head, because i only made this and another full apron!!  der)
this was the most teary part of the shower.  i gave her a vintage locket pin with our grandmother's picture inside.  i told her that she could pin it to her flowers or in her dress.

here we are with mom
emily only wanted to look @ marie, not the camera!
she was pretty tired by this point!!

oh, and here is a crappy pic of the other apron!

being a twin, its hard to have your "own" day.  everything is shared; birthdays, holidays, milestones, etc.  i'm so happy that marie had a great time even though she felt a little out of sorts with all of the attention.  only 39 days until her wedding.  she is going to be a beautiful bride.  can't wait. 


  1. Wow! Everything looked beautiful! That picture of her looking at the locket brought tears to my eyes!

  2. What a great day you gave your sister! I LOVE the fruit arrangement! Great job making a mock arrangement. Everything looks wonderful - I'm glad you all had a beautiful day.

  3. I actually got goosebumps and a catch in my throat looking at the two of you tear up over that gift!

  4. You are the sweetest sister. That locket gift was so absolutely precious and dear.

    And your edible arrangement looked every bit as good as the real thing. Actually everything looked so perfect!!

  5. Tina,

    This is so darling!

    Thank you for stopping over Bird Crafts!

    I have a Party Link Party coming up on the May 3rd and this would be such a cool post for you to link up!

    Hope to see you there?! :)