Monday, April 5, 2010

handmade birthday

i can fiiinally share the gifts that i made for my sissy!!  its been killing me to not post these!  lets get started, shall we?

 a little webbing, fabric and a buckle, and we've got a cute belt that goes with just about anything!

some small wooden beads+fabric=cute bracelet!

how about turning some long grain rice into a hot/cold therapy pack with removable cover?(which sissy loves, btw!)
(i should be posting a tutorial for this sometime this week)

finally, a cute ruffle shirt that will be perfect for her honeymoon!!
i got the tutorial here
i was so worried about doing an all handmade birthday, but everything turned out really nice!
onto the shower gifts!!!


  1. oh man-i wish i was your sister!
    but, is my birthday month. there is still time!

  2. I love everything! What an amazing group of gifts! That top is too cute!

  3. You are the best sister! I especially love the hot/cold pack!

  4. Love it!! Would you care to adopt me as your sissy?? lol.

  5. Great job - I envy those that are handy..

    Love to you