Friday, April 23, 2010

chicken with my head cut off

yep, that's me.  i tried to prepare in advance for the madness that would take place today, but it got me anyway!  marie's shower is tomorrow.  i'm super excited, but not ready yet!!  nothing is 100% still need to wrap a couple of gifts, need to make the truffles, fruit display, and rugelach, also need to put the finishing touches on the game we'll be playing.   i grabbed half and half instead of heavy cream, so i have to wait till hubby picks it up on his way home, forgot to take the butter out of the that's coming to room temp now.  yes, i predict a long night!  lol at least the laundry is half done and my headache went away!!  so this is what gave me some feel-better vibes today(other than david being as good as gold--thank you very much--someone is looking out for me!)

this is me in 1983, age 2:

here is emily 2009, age 3:

can you say "WHOA"? 

oh well.  this was a much needed little break from the craziness!  now its time to get back to it!  wish me luck! lol


  1. I love comparing photos of my kids and myself. So fun! Good luck getting everything done. It sounds like it is going to be an amazing shower.