Monday, October 10, 2011

the tingles

ok, i think i may be feeling them.  the vibes, the tingles, the CRAFT again!  and even, dare i say WORK OUT!  i really think this weekend was exactly what i needed!  this morning, i'm calm.  even though the kids don't have school.  its ok.  i don't really have the usual anxiety that normally envelopes me on a day such as this.  even typing that didn't make me anxious!  hubs went back to work this morning, but he'll be home for dinner. 

david got a little homework from his speech therapist, so i think we'll sit and do that before emily gets up.  its some fun color/cut/paste stuff so he can practice his sounds.  i think he'll like that.  later, when david is napping, emily's teacher sent her home a big packet of coloring we'll color. 

its unseasonably warm here in nj.  i'm dealing with that.  i want to wear a sweater, damn it!  at least the sun is shining!  i was going to make a stew for dinner tonight, but its not really "stew weather" so i have to come up with something different.  hmmm....

anyhoo.  i hope that my new found calm is here to stay.  i really haven't been liking the panicked, cranky, overwhelmed me as of late.  *deep breath*  we'll see!!

here are a few more pics from over the weekend!


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