Friday, July 10, 2009

wipe out

So yeah, if I had a camera set up i'd probably end up on america's funniest home videos!! long story short... In an effort to not run over my son, i stepped on the tray from his high chair(because you know, i just had to leave it on the floor!) and went skidding across the room...landing on my knees-spread wide apart. it was the closest i've ever come to doing a split. the kids were crying, i was almost crying--practically hyperventilating because i thought i had broken something!! all about 10 minutes before i had to get emily on the bus! so now my knees are sore, my foot is sore where i stepped on the tray...and the little part right where my thighs meet my crotch area hurts pretty bad...ugh! maybe if i had been working out for the last 3 weeks like i should have, it would have been a little more graceful!

p.s. i forgot to mention the container of cheerios i was holding ended up all over the floor! david ate-err-cleaned some of those up!!


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