Thursday, July 23, 2009


needless to say, i am just done with this week. its been a good week, just a looong one! i did not "shred" today, but i am feeling guilty about it. not so guilty, though, that i'm about to go change into a sports bra and my sneakers! tomorrow is a new day! i can feel a difference in my body already. i think after i lose the weight i gained back, i'll be able to fit into the shorts my sissy gave least i have a bit of a goal now. the kids are having their sleepovers tomorrow night! woo hoo! its going to be nice to have a night off AND be able to get the garage cleaned! emily's stuff is already packed and @ grandma's house! david is half packed...not too excited am i?! i love them to pieces, but my hubby and i need to feel like boyfriend and girlfriend for a night instead of just mom and dad. its very difficult to find the balance, and sometimes its just easier to be mom and dad! we're working on it. our communication has gotten better over the last few months-that wasn't helping anything! once we get david out of our room, i think we'll finally get some of that intimacy back. i'm trying to not make excuses anymore, we need to take time out for our relationship. we've been putting it off because they have to share a room, and we don't want emily to feel put out. they are both going to adjust just fine though...until we win the lottery, they'll be sharing a room!

****off subject a tad...i just heard emily crying and thought maybe she had pooped(she's almost always constipated because of her motor delays), so i went up and checked--no poop, i just rubbed her back and she went right back to sleep. it was a wonderful feeling. i felt so warm inside as she just drifted off back to her dreams. which i imagine would be her running threw a field of butterflies yelling "watch me mommy!" one day that moment will come. i have never lost hope of that. she's so close to walking, i can't stand it! if she's walking my marie's wedding next year, i'll be a mess watching her come down the isle! ugh...bust out the tissues!****

anyhoo, i'm going to drag my tired a$$ off to the couch for a little channel surfing. can't wait for tomorrow! the kids will be off having fun...and so will mommy and daddy! its a win win situation!

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