Wednesday, July 15, 2009


so the last few days has had its ups and downs. we are struggling with so many things, and its difficult. i feel alone-alot, like no one understands how i'm feeling. i don't want to become resentful of the people I love. so i've been trying to view things in a different light, to put some sort of positive spin on things. easier said than done! today i feel better about things. i don't have the answer to things, but i think i'm out of panic mode. i'm trying not to worry about the things i can't control. my eating is out of control(which oddly enough, is one of the things i should be controlling!) i love my sugar. i've lost about 80lbs, and would love to lose another 20 more, but my head just isn't in it right now! even though i hate how i feel right now. i almost feel like i'm punishing myself. i think i have to get to some sort of low...which may be around the corner!

on a brighter note, emily has "tropical day" @ school today...and she will get to work with her old PT from early intervention. i got an email that she's now working at the school one day a week, and emily is on her schedule! great news! while waiting for the bus this morning, i met my neighbor for the first time...umm, i've lived here for 5 years!! haha...nice lady though-who coincidentally also has 2 special needs kids...go figure!!

so for your viewing pleasure, here's a pic of emily ready for tropical day...i had sunglasses for her, but she wasn't feeling them!!

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