Saturday, July 11, 2009

yummies with my parents

i've been wanting to cook this meal that i saw on the barefoot contessa a few weeks ago. so my parents came up to hang this afternoon, and i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out...even though my dad isn't all that adventurous-i gave it a whirl anyway. it turned out quite yummy-if i do say so myself!! dad liked the chicken and the croutons from the salad, but i don't think he was into the rest. at least he tried!!

grilled panzanella salad

fettunta with prosciutto

tuscan lemon chicken

giant chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich(say that 10 times fast!)

i always love having my parents over. i miss being at home sometimes, and they are home to me.

on a side note:the hunk of junk jeep that got dumped on us, by one of the hubby's so-called "friends",was finally towed out of here today!!! i've been doing the happy dance...alot! :oD

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