Wednesday, July 29, 2009


ugh, i hate these sticky humid days! walking around on the slimey feeling floors...things stick to my feet--i thought the floors were clean! eww

other than feeling wet and tacky all day, not much is going on! finally finished the laundry...ugh, the dreaded laundry! SO need some elves for that...and for the litter boxes, and for the dishes, etc. etc... emily's pinewood derby is on friday. they are having a "race" theme for the day, and suggested black and white to wear. so i have some black capris and a white shirt for her, and i made her this...
since this pic i've trimmed off the frayed edges--i need to get some fray check...not too shabby for a first try though!! i think more fun curly bows will be in emily's future!!

i'm wiped. david didn't take his afternoon nap today. he was like the energizer bunny--! needless to say, his butt was in bed E.A.R.L.Y tonight!

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