Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Venturing out!

So now that Emily is becoming more comfortable in new environments, we started taking her on little outings. Believe me when I tell you, I always have a minor heart attack while preparing for these outings. I guess its just me-worrying-always thinking of worse case scenarios-that's what moms do! So we started with little trips to Walmart. No major melt downs...Victory is sweet! For the last couple of weeks, Emily has been on "summer vacation" from school. I couldn't(as the super mom I aspire to be) let those two weeks go by without doing something with the kids! SO the hubby had a couple of days off before the 4th. Nothing like waiting until the end of vacation to do something-hey, better late than never!! Friday we decided late in the morning to just "get out of the house". We ended up driving almost 2 hours up into NY state for some shopping at the Galleria. "Shopping" was lunch at Wendy's and Build a Bear! Poor Emily freaked over the make believe bear stuffing machine. That was basically the end of her!! I felt so bad, she had such a great lunch...and I HAD to take them to build a bear. Realistically, I knew she'd probably get scared, but I've been trying to let her experience new things-why should she miss out on at least trying? SO Emily got a pink bear with white hearts, and David got a monkey! On the ride home, David got antsy, so we stopped off at Lafayette Village to see the ducks! After the shock of the empty pond, we finally found them behind the buildings in the shade!

On Saturday, after a couple of hours of indecision, we opted for Peddler's Village instead of the Turtle Back Zoo...why? you might ask...because it was free!! lol What a great day! I was so glad that I was brave enough to take them out. Poor hubby had to deal with my bad mood while packing the necessities...but he's a good man! He knows how I get, and he understands--and I love him all the more for that!

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