Monday, July 13, 2009

spick & span

mom came over early this morning and helped me with a looong over due heavy duty cleaning!! my house is so clean, i swear i see twinkles! i am so tired though! i've been sneezing alllll day! it was so dusty!! my nose feels like its about to run off of my face!

david returned from his sleep over with aunt cindy. he was pretty crabby(which i expected), but after a poop he was better! who wouldn't be though?! emily had a great day at school. they are having tropical day on wed., so i'm glad i picked her up that flower lei on clearance @ walmart!! hopefully it will be warm enough for her to actually wear something "tropical"!!

justin is at the firehouse tonight. i have an itch to be crafty, but i'm so tired! i can't take the sneezing anymore!! i'm hoping after a bath i'll feel better. plus i'll wake up in a dust free house tomorrow-so maybe the sneezing will be over!!

oh well, off for a long awaited veg on the couch!!

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