Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photo tales tuesday

this passed sunday, i was feeling weepy.  every little thing made me cry.  we got to spend a few hours in the morning with my hubs, but then he had to go to work.  2-11pm on sundays(and saturdays too, btw).  i was just sad.  so i baked.  i made hot milk sponge cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate butter cream.  it was heavenly.
  then yesterday, i was feeling guilty for eating cake all day on sunday.  so i threw that beautiful cake in the garbage so i wouldn't sit and eat the whole thing.  :o/ 
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  1. Next time you have that issue, drop me a line - I never turn down cake@ Fun shot - great story to go with! (Came via Photo Tales Tuesday!)

  2. Aw! That cake looks so tasty! I hope it cheered you up for a little bit! {hugs}

  3. I've thrown stuff out for that same reason! Why must we eat so much of things? It does look good though. :)