Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the cold that wouldn't DIE!

holy cow, this cold will NOT leave my house!  emily started with it last tuesday, and still has a cough.  mine started on thanksgiving, and i still have it!  oh, and i'm on day 4 without a voice!  yesterday david started with his...my husband will be the last to get it.  oh, and he'll get it!

besides the piles of tissues, coughing, and sneezing, we're doing well.  its been a while since my last post.  we had a nice thanksgiving with the family.  i'm really looking forward to getting in to the christmas spirit now!  hubs brought up the decorations last night, hopefully i'll have them up by the weekend.

on friday i'll be meeting with emily's school psychologist to discuss some strategies on behavior.  emily has been getting better, but i want to find a way for all of us to be consistent.  i'm looking forward to it!  also on friday--date night!!  woo hoo!!  seriously looking forward to that!!

i can not come up with a pic(s) to use for a christmas card.  i fear that i may use a plain old boxed card this year.  for some reason, i just have no desire to put the kids through a photo shoot.  i mean, it would be my sister shooting, but we haven't come up with a time to do it anyway.  i don't want to push them, i'll just end up regretting it anyway, and having to calm them down!  maybe next year!  i still have a little time to decide, but the clock is ticking!

david had a terrible night of sleep, so i put him back to bed when i got emily up for school.  to my surprise, he went back to sleep!!  i think i'll go pull up some couch before he wakes up again.  then we have to make a quick trip to cvs for more tissues!!  i'll leave you with some pics from thanksgiving!  hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

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  1. O goodness, we are lucky not to have been hit yet. I hope you all feel better!