Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a passage into manhood

yesterday was an odd day.  i was super forgetful--which isn't totally out of the norm, but if my head wasn't attached, i'm sure that would still be missing today.   i went to my sissy's house with david.  i forgot extra clothes, juice, his sippie cup, and my cell phone!  and to top it all off, we got our first taste of snow and sleet all day long. 

when david and i got home, i still couldn't find his sippie cup.  no biggie, it was nap time anyway.   my good napper turned into a one hour quickie and woke up right before i had to get emily off of the bus.  crap.  instead of bundling him up i thought i would gate him in the living room.  the pink panther was on, he lvoes the pink panther.  he loves mommy more because he was glued to the window the entire time.  so i waved.  i knew he saw me wave, because then he got emily's pony flashlight and started waving it at me.

i guess he was trying to communicate with the light!  the next thing i see is him banging on the glass, with the pony light.  in my head, i knew he was yelling while banging.  i gave him the "NO" finger wave from the car...he stopped.  "that worked?", i thought..."sweet!"  i can scold him with my thoughts...i AM super mom!  until i saw him reach through the pain of glass.  "SHIT!"  i through the car in reverse, flew into the house to see the glass smashed in.  then i looked for the blood.  there was none!  thank GOD!  i snatched him up, through him in his car seat, and continued to wait for emily...checking for cuts the whole time.  because of the weather, emily's bus was a little late...good thing.  i checked again for any cuts when he had his bath.  i don't know how he made it through with NOTHING!  if that was me, i'd be a bloody mess @ the hospital--crying, no doubt.

so the sippie cup is gone.  i have no idea where it is. david has transitioned to a big boy cup...with a straw.  so the breaking of the window has lead to a new big boy stage.  i'm hoping today is just a regular normal day...broken glass-free!  i can only take one life altering moment at a time!


  1. I raise 3 boys...congratulations on surviving your first broken window with real style!

  2. I'm absolutely astounded there were no cuts!

  3. I had three boys the youngest is 21 now..they can be a real hoot! I am babysitting my 2 year old granddaughter right now...trying to keep her from banging on my keyboard as I visit blogs. Little one's can be a handful can't they!!!

  4. You need a bubble bath without the kids!!! Solitude!