Sunday, February 6, 2011

valentine's day sock "cupcake"

i have adapted this project using a tutorial from seven thirty three.

i fell in love with this idea when i first saw it!  its perfect for emily's teacher and aides, but i ran into a couple of problems since i was using adult socks instead of child size.  

 first, these are just too big for standard size cupcake i found these cupcake boxes from oriental trading, and opted not to use the cupcake wrappers at all.

however, the socks were still too big to get the lid closed without smashing the top down.  so i had to fold them in half, and roll them as tightly as i could!!

but in the end, it all worked out, and they look super cute!!  i have a couple of preggie friends, and will be making some "cupcakes" out of baby socks!  can't wait!
to go along with the "cupcakes, i will also be gifting some mocha meringue kisses in cute cello bags!  you have to have something sweet for valentine's day, right??  emily's bus driver and bus aide will be getting some yummy fudge!


  1. That's the perfect gift!!!! Very cute!

  2. How very cute!! The coolest gift!
    No idea what to do for my sweetie yet. Can't seem to find the "right" thing this year. He will be gone on business so I'd like to find something to sneak away in his suitcase.

  3. I was just at a baby shower on Saturday and somebody made this using washcloths. They were so cute!