Monday, November 7, 2011

i should be cleaning

i should be cleaning my cold infested house right now, but i'm not quite motivated yet.  we've all had this nasty head cold.  can we say "snot"?  good lord, i've never seen so much!  it knocked me for a loop on Friday...fever and all!  hubs to the rescue!  since his building still didn't have power from the snow storm, he stayed home and took care of everything.  kids, dishes, snotty tissues.  he was an awesome house husband! 
i was feeling much better by yesterday.  since my parent's came over for dinner, i decided we needed dessert!  found THIS recipe for spiced pumpkin cupcakes.  oh, betty crocker, i heart you!  it was super easy and it didn't have an overwhelming pumpkin flavor.  which is nice if you don't have pumpkin lovers in your house(like i do!).  i changed the pecan recipe a tad...i added 2 TBS of butter to the pan, and along with the final sprinkle of sugar, i added a couple pinches of salt!  mmmm  salty goodness!  i made my own cream cheese frosting too.  (2- 8 oz pkgs fat free cream cheese-softened, 1/4 c butter-softened, 5 C powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla...beat 'em all together til ya have frosting!)  num.
as you lick the gooey frosting off of your lips, you get the salt from the pecans!  delish!

on a side note:  LOVING miranda lambert's new album!!


  1. Those look absolutely amazing! Sorry you've all been sick over there, but glad you're taking a turn for the better now!