Sunday, February 26, 2012

its been a while!

wow, i haven't blogged in so long!  i come back, and i have over 11,000 page views?!  nuts i tell you! 
i miss my little 'ol blog.  i'm hoping to start writing again on a regular basis. 

emily is about to turn 6...SIX!  where does the time go?  before i know it she'll be taller than me and want to drive the car!  i can't take it.  she is currently sporting a black eye due to a mishap @ school!  the poor thing!  par for the course!  she has started transitioning into the next class at her school.  i'm sad to have to let her first teacher and new little friends go, but its time for her to move along.  she'll only be across the hall, she'll still see them!  love her school.

david is doing terrific in school!  they moved him up to the inclusion class already!  he is still receiving speech 3 times per week, but he's moving right along!   i am told that all of his peers love him(YAY!) oh--and he's potty-freakin'-trained!  100%!  i didn't think i'd ever see the day.  thought he would be in his LUVS til he was 30 for christ sakes! LOL

hubs is still working his balls off.  its still difficult to only have him home 2 nights a week to help me with the kids, but it has gotten easier over the last year.  he loves his part time job, and thank goodness for that!  if he hated it, we'd probably hate each other too! lol  one day at a time.  luckily the kids have finally adjusted, and its been easier for all of us to get through a night. 

what about me?  i'm not killing myself with baking, and crafting, and sewing and.... 
i was doing much too much, in a small window of time.  i was burnt out.  still am a little.  i'm trying to work on me.  make myself happy, and not do things because i feel like i have to.  part of me wants to get back to that...part of me doesn't.  thanks to pinterest, i have a new interest in this blog, and my creative side.  people are pinning me.  say what?!  it blows my mind, it really does!   i've also started watching my friend's son 2 days a week(soon to be 3).  its nice to have a little one in the house again, but i get to send his cute little tush home at the end of the day! lol  the money is nice too! 

i've also had an opportunity come up that could be pretty cool...thanks to this little blog.  don't want to jinx myself though, so that's all i'll say for now!! :o)

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