Tuesday, February 28, 2012

busy week

did i really get my whole house cleaned before david got home from school?  you bet i did!  not sure how, but i'll take it!  ok, so i dusted everything yesterday, but hey, whatever works!

i don't love busy weeks like this.  i tend to get a little scatter-brained and overwhelmed.  tomorrow i have to
*go to shoprite
* bake a million cupcakes for emily's birthday on thursday
*and i have parent/teacher conferences @ emily's school.
action packed for sure.
 then on thursday i need to
*deliver those cupcakes
*attend the parent group meeting
*emily has therapy after school(we're helping someone earn her master's degree!  exciting for her, but also anything that will benefit emily is a bonus of course!)
*and i have to figure out dinner...i'm thinking pizza at this point.
 really wish i had the patience for meal planning. 

super excited about my secret opportunity that i'm scared to talk about just yet!  the pessimist in me says "keep your mouth shut, or it will blow up in your face!"  the optimist in me says "EFF YOU PESSIMIST, shout your news from the rooftop!"  let's see who wins over the next few days lol

how 'bout some recent pics of the kids.  gosh, they're getting big!

 Emily recently donated another 8 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths
David is just a big old goofball!  His new favorite thing is singing and dancing to New Kids on The Block's "Hangin' Tough".  I kid you not.

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  1. Aww, how sweet. That is great that she donated her hair to Pantene. :) And I love those slippers. Hee Hee. My little boy is as goofy as ever too - must be a boy thing. ;) I hear ya, I was a full time stay at home Mommy for almost 5 years, then went back to work last fall...busy as EVER. Now I am back home again. Full time. (My hubby fortunately owns the company, so I was able to do this.) But, it was hard...so many errands to run, things to do, and yeah...cooking...uggh. lol.