Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bad irish girl...BAD!

i should be ashamed of my white irish hiney!  they only thing i'm good at when it comes to st. patrick's day is making a mean batch of corned beef and cabbage. followed up the next day with a nice pan of hash!  i dress the kids in green, but i am just too lazy to decorate!  and honestly, i'd rather spend my money on easter stuff!  

this weekend is daylight savings time!! WOO HOO!  over the last few weeks, i've noticed the days getting longer.  love it.  also love not having to wait in the dark for emily's bus!  it was a little scary...and just weird!  as if the poor thing doesn't have a long enough day, she was climbing the steps to the bus without the sun even being up! 

the girls that hubs works with have been asking for baked goods, and who am i to deny a craving?    i haven't sent them in anything since christmas, so they're due for a fix.  i found caramel cups @ the dollar store today...think i can make them work! 

david will be home soon, i think i should try to be a little productive! 

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