Thursday, March 8, 2012

lady bug cupcakes

i've been wanting to share these cupcakes since the weekend, but my memory card crapped out!  my sister took some great pics, but i had to wait for her to upload them!  (thanks marie!)  so here are emily's 6th birthday cupcakes!  i went with lady bugs!
i used a grass tip on my pastry bag.  a little advice(that i, of course, had to learn the hard way!):  don't try to pack all of your butter cream into the bag and expect it to easily come out of this tip!  i blew out 2 bags before i realized that!(that's what i get for rushing!) work in small batches!!  the holes on this tip are small, and when you're trying to shove 5 lbs of frosting out of holes no bigger than a pencil're going to have some problems! 
i got the lady bug picks, picket fence papers and mini flower sprinkles from shopbakersnook!  this is a fabulous resource for bakers of all levels!  prices are reasonable, selection is huge, and shipping is super fast!  there are so many things out there now for anyone to take a favorite cake recipe or box mix and turn it into something special and unique.
everyone loved them!
and how about a side of goofball?

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